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I possess chosen to review the overall performance of Jamie Hackshaw (Son), Danny Hodsall (Father) and Lee Green (Doctor), and my own groupings presentation, which are both based on breaking the reports of cancer.

Danny Hodsalls group described the news of cancer getting broken to a Father and Son within a Doctors Surgery. Ours included the news becoming broken initially to the patients daughter, then to the remaining portion of the family.

In Dannys group, the doctor was positioned together with his back to the group. This was powerful because it meant that the focus has not been on his deal with, just around the reactions with the Father and Son. It may have created a problem with sound and blocked the people view in the Father and Sons looks, but was averted by the way the actors situated themselves. A doctor spoke loudly to compensate.

In our group, I actually (Julie) was incorrectly located, with my personal back to the group during the second scene, that we feel may have impaired the audiences watch of my personal reaction, as well as the reactions of other associates of the group.

In the Doctors Surgical treatment, fewer heroes and no unnecessary conversations manufactured a strong effect, focussing on reactions when the news can be broken. This also supposed it sensed realistic.

One problem with choosing this approach could possibly be that there is less opportunity for personalities to get conveyed towards the audience through interaction with others. I believe, the impact with the news was greater because the personalities from the characters are not elaborated about.

In our demonstration, the story was slightly more sophisticated, as even more characters were involved. That focused on the specific situation in which the characters found out, and their reactions. This could be regarded a disadvantage, since it took focus away from the influence of the bad news. However , 1 advantage of having a larger band of characters will be that personalities are easily distinguished/ recognised due to interaction with others.

The change of scene inside our presentation added variety. Field two included in the tension/awkwardness of the circumstance, as the family acquired just sitting down to a quiet dinner when the media was exposed, causing damage.

Important aspects of both demonstrations were the Parent/Child relationships. In the Doctors Surgery, a stereotypical Father/ son marriage was illustrated by utilization of language. A good example of this was the Fathers comment to his son In least youll get to have time off college

This and other reassuring remarks (from the son also) gave the impression that Father and Son had been hiding their very own emotions by each other, though clearly their particular fears were just below the top.

In contrast, the Mother-and-Daughter relationship between Emma (Sarah) and Charmaine (Hannah) was genuine and blunt, they communicated their viewpoints and feelings without restraining or very much concern about upsetting the other. This behaviour is usually stereotypical of Mother and daughter human relationships, as is the reserved conduct of Father and Kid.

I think both equally presentations could be improved by varying the reactions in the family members. In the Doctors Surgical procedure, the Father and Son equally react by simply suppressing their emotions, while in our presentation, all of Sarahs daughters reacted similarly, in anger.

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