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Through this paper I am going to cover the cultural and ethical factors involved with a company by the name of Levi Strauss and Company and the issues the company faces the moment attempting to increase to another country.

Enlargement is a goal that all businesses want to accomplish; because there are a lot of benefits a firm can receive when growing, makes additional money, getting into the stock market, lower cost for part and labor, and most of all becoming a famous name brand. With expanding it is not necessarily just glitz and glamor there are meaningful cultural and ethical issues to face. Once bring an item and business to another country.

Social Issues the moment Facing a Global Organization Levi Strauss and Company can be described as well-known apparel brand. This organization was originated in America, state Cal City San Francisco. Levi Strauss and Firm manufactures clothes in one hundred ten countries outside the US; and thus of that t50% or more from the organizations earnings came from offshore.

Levi Strauss and Organization has had to manage some of those honest and ethnic issues for the public and exterior spouse companies. This issue stems from industrial facilities in Bangladesh because there are reports of the firm having under age workers. In Bangladesh children doing work at a new age in keeping.

In their soil this is not a problem because with no children and parents working there is not enough funds to support the family. The problem in this scenario is in Levi Strauss and Company conditions and involvement is declare the organization can be not allowed to higher or work kids underneath the age of 16 because in america it is unlawful. Child labor laws can be an issue that usually get the multimedia, workers proper unions, share holders and investment firms upset. (Levi Strauss and Co., 2010). The Honest Perspectives Moral perspectives established by previous Levi Strauss and Firm comply with nearly all other global organization. To get considered ethical all global businesses are required to follow the following.

Emphasizes accountability to get anticipating and responding to honest crises Encourages participation in decision making Aligns personal, specialist, and organizational aspirations and behaviors Promotes courageous initiatives to identify and resolve moral dilemmas Fosters dialogic interaction 2010 has not been the only year Levi Strauss and company had concerns complying with child labor laws; last 2008 the business has difficulties with their organic cotton fields in Uzbekistan. The corporation has not tried to cover up any of the information which was found; in reality the company said they have been researching changing that correcting that situation. That situation resulted in Levi Strauss and Organization not taking any fabric from Uzbekistan and all of their very own factories.

Accomplishing this solves the situation in regards to the company but that is not stop Uzbekistan form carrying out the same thing to countries. Levi Strauss and Company have been good regarding handling their issues with regards to violating child labor regulations. In most cases when the organization discovers this is occurring the first thing they do is fireplace all of the underage workers and make sure they cannot become rehired till they reach the proper age group limit.

Another step Levi Strauss and Company offers taken is definitely education pupils and teachers of the kid labor regulations to avoid long term issues with kid labor laws and regulations. Ethical Perspectives in Different Cultures When a business has expanded to over 90 countries facing ethical and cultural problems is something which can’t be ignored; and sorry to say child labor laws aren’t the only honest or social issue the corporation has to manage in the global market. A lot of may make an effort to compare this kind of to a elegance issue, because this topic has become popular today.

In most cases decimation consist of religion, race, era, or male or female. However that is just in the usa because in other countries businesses are simple when it comes to dainty and it is not viewed as against the law. This raises the question should certainly businesses adjust to the ways from the country that they are doing businesses in?

But if this is performed will it reduce the standers of the business and the relationship between the public and the organization. Aside from child lobar laws corruption is another issue Levi Strauss and Company has to face. The business have production facilities in Vietnam and just like all other businesses in Vietnam we have a tax to be paid; not just a government duty but a tax kind corrupt persons in the country, may be that 67% of businesses in Vietnam have to pay bribes. (Unruh & Arreola, 2010).

They are just some of the problems that a business has to encounter when they expand to other countries. it is clear to see the various ethical stander set be different countries when it comes to Levi Strauss and Firm. This corporation is certainly not different than any other working outside the US; they have to commit to repairing the issue which come about the moment operation an enterprise in another country as well as the ethic codes arranged by the corporation. Levi Strauss and Organization has ablations to their staff, customers, and the auto industry.

They took a threaten to operate their business within an ethical way. Just talking the speak is too few Levi Strauss and Firm need to stay on top of everything to stop child labor and all various other issues once running a organization outside of the US Conclusion In most there are a large numbers of businesses they may have traveled away from the US in efforts to generate more money. The actual businesses have to work in can be businesses sticking with ethical standers; and making sure that all standers being established by the firm are totally being adopted.

The best thing a company can do is stay up to date with all methods of operation in countries outside of the united states. Also staying properly educating the key players in the corporation is how to be successful in a global marketplace.

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