Deadliest tsunami the american indian ocean

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Deadliest Tsunami

The Indian Water Tsunami in 2004 was one of the most severe that the location has at any time experienced on the very long time frame. It come to a magnitude of being unfaithful. 0 and originated from the Indian Water at the North West seacoast of the Indonesia island of Sumatra. There was waves up to 15 yards in height plus the waves come to distances up to 5, 000 kilometers inland with satisfactory force to cause destruction and get rid of people (National Geographic Media, 2005).

There was a total of eighteen countries that were drastically affected by this tsunami particularly: Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives, Reunion Island (French), Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, South Africa and Australia (George Pararas, 2005a). As of February 10, 2006 the loss of life toll that were accurately used tolled to 226, 566 people. This kind of death cost was a great underestimation as the demography of this location was poor with several islands such as the Nicobar, Maldives and some at the east shoreline of Africa being a remote that the death toll may have not considered these parts hence, the total death toll was believed to around three hundred, 000 persons at the end of it.

The Tsunami had a serious effect on infrastructure with the most severe casualty being Indonesia. Aside from 127, 774 people getting killed, 655, 000 persons being out of place from their homes, there were an overall total of one hundred ten bridges that were destroyed, a few seaports had been destroyed as well as considerable destruction felt in two international airports. A massive 82% of all the roads in Philippines were severely damaged (George Pararas, 2005a). In other areas like Banda Aceh (capital city of Northern Sumatra), metropolis was absolutely destroyed and thousands of people killed, a neighboring city of Leupung was totally destroyed with only about seven hundred persons surviving. Gleebruk, a town to the south western world of Banda was fully obliterated, Tounom town was also demolished leaving only 10, 500 people away of 18, 000 people. Calang was also ruined with a tiny 30% making it through the tragedy and all the major infrastructure damaged. Sameulue isle was as well grounded 90% of all the properties, as well as the border island of Nias that had all the infrastructure damaged.

In Thailand the Of india Ocean tsunami the effect was massive as well with beach hotels, residences as well as other facilities destroyed with a recorded fatality of 5, 313 people and four, 499 lacking people. In India the specific situation was no better with 18, 000 people reported lifeless and at least 6, 1000 missing. A lot of islands in Indian were completely obliterated, with some like Trinket split into two, in Tamil Nadu city the whole coastal towns

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