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As we rehearsed our efficiency we noticed that certain areas in our piece didnt use others which resulted in each of our performance not capturing the audiences interest as much as you want. To resolve this issue we proceeded to go over and discussed our piece highlighting the sections we all thought were causing the problem. The moments which we all thought induced the problem were as follows: The opening landscape which was the tour guide while this beginning wasnt incredibly dramatic which will we thought wouldnt create much interest. We experienced it is better to experience a powerful starting as it grabs the attention in the audience helping to make them even more excited about what will follow inside the performance.

Pursuing the tour guide the next thing that we thought we could improve on was the initially dance. This kind of consisted primarily of interlude moves which didnt support us using what we wanted to show the audience. We all decided to choreograph a more contempory dance while there would be more symbolism within just it which in turn we expected the audience might pick up on easier than the first dance as well contemporary dance is quite first with its techniques so the viewers may find this more interesting to observe as its a serious change from commonly known dances.

We were gonna use this boogie as the opening landscape so wanted to make it dramatic and exciting intended for the audience. Because our concealed message is usually lifes too short, we think this shows a sense of period, so we all thought that we could choreograph a dance to exhibit how period is moving on. We applied a stimulus to help all of us create this kind of dance it had been Dali, Salvadors melting lighting. This photo gave a great essence of time moving as when looking at the style it seems the melting lighting are moving while they are melting.

Each of our dance involves sharp separated movement just like the background of the picture and quite flowing movements such as the melting lighting. Having sharp and moving moves produced contrast inside the dynamics and breaks up the music as we employed very recurring music. The music was likewise quite deep with a exclusive beat that has been like the beating of a clock. We appreciated this music as it gave a scary edge towards the beginning of the performance. We emphasised the concept of time in the dance by simply isolating our arms. We used them as practical a clock which would tick in some parts of the move.

To give the concept of the shedding clocks and time moving away from the friends and family we employed flowing moves like motions of the spine from the foundation of the spine and methods from Captain christopher Bruces Ghost Dances just like the grape grape vine which we all used to demonstrate how the friends and family are collectively working in unison but then the mother and the father jump away from their daughter which will shows how the parents is unable to be with all their daughter since she is dieing. We chose to have the girl die instead of the father even as we felt this would work better with our piece since the communication there may have been between mother plus the father was more uplifting. This helped us produce extra displays to complete the time.

To bring the move together there were several motifs such as the use of our biceps and triceps as the ticking with the clocks which was the main theme, and bending our hands and spinning our biceps and triceps.

In our initial performance the next thing we made a decision wasnt doing work was the poem scene as it wasnt moving as much as we might have enjoyed. We thought it would work better if we remodeled the rest of the piece. Our group actually liked the poem therefore we made a decision to keep it nevertheless only utilize last passage as this seemed even more relevant to the storyline but we couldnt want to work with the composition yet inside our performance. We thought that if we brought a lot of drama in now it might break each of our piece up so far by such an summary beginning.

The initial freeze casings we deducted were quite dull even as we did it into a silent background we couldnt link every one to circulation into one an additional.

We chose to change some of the freeze casings and the buy which we all hoped works better. To incorporate some interesting depth to them we added ticking of clocks in the back which showed that the deep freeze frames had been in the past. To link the freeze casings together we used fuzy flowing motions of our forearms which were like each field was being quickly forwarded over time. Each get cold frame showed the relationships between the several characters hence the audience could understand the personality situation at your home. The freeze frames we used had been:

  • Baby just been born
  • Educating the child to study
  • The child playing with her good friends
  • Argument between your parents and child

In the last deep freeze frame the daughter wants to give her up keyboard lessons but her father and mother dont need her to, the landscape ends with all the daughter shouting just drop dead to her parents whom then both fall to the floor in slow motion. The daughter is now all alone. The girl starts coughing then your woman herself comes to the floors as she gets died of the illness typhoid.

After the get cold frames we decided to include our own constructed music. This is originally the scene following your tour guide. We all decided that as well as using keyboards to develop the music we might also use each of our voices. We used canon to begin the song which built up a climax of the daughters fatality. The balance is repeated 4 times and on the last period we chosen to use the poem. The child read the last verse of the poem while the parents remained to the balance, which we felt revealed the audience that there was now a break down in the family. The poem is accompanied by our key pad music wherever each people did isolation movements to symbolize sadness and confusion in the family. My own movements were mainly carried out with my forearms and hands where We would reach out in several direction?nternet site didnt understand where to switch. The composition and harmony symbolized the funeral in the daughter.

We all then picked out 2 lines from the poem: the capturing up the heart and until eternity which usually we stated in canon. We experienced these two lines were the most relevant as they could be viewed as the parents cannot get over losing their child for eternity no matter how hard they try.

We all then all read the poem in unison obtaining louder even as we walked up the stairs. This walk was done in a line which in turn symbolized a funeral march. We lead the audience in a darkened room in the estate which might have been the daughters. We chose this kind of room as it was dark and gave quite a morbid think to our efficiency. We thought this would be good as the scene in here was very psychological. It was between the parents who were going through the daughters items. We needed this field to create a great emotional response from the market so all of us used a lot of moaping and entente to make the viewers feel apprehensive about what we were doing.

All of us then maneuver the audience on the ground floor where the feelings is lightened when we perform another dance. The move symbolizes the way the family desire to be. It reveals them becoming happy with their very own daughter in the beginning. We used paths of one’s which was motivated to us from Siobhan Davis. Through the dance the parents do break free from the daughter which demonstrates they are looking to face up to fact. In contrast with all the happy party movements all of us chose a significant powerful item of music which suggests that they are certainly not happy but are desperately aiming to be.

We chose to have a remarkable ending just as the beginning of our performance. We wanted the group to keep considering our overall performance after completely finished. We all decided to use the idea of dark areas as they provide a sense of mystery and suspense towards the story. We all chose a darkened stairway to achieve this. We cast a darkness from upstairs onto the wall by stairs. Sitting on the stairs was your daughter in the same way the parents move the child she puts her hand on her mothers shoulder who then simply starts hacking and coughing the parents shadow is then ensemble onto the wall pertaining to the audience to find out. The mom then declines to the flooring and passes away. We believed this stopping brought the storyplot back to the hidden meaning as the daddy has now dropped both the persons he adores.

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