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Ragged Dick and Benjamin Franklin

The personas Dick Hunter (Ragged Dick) and Benjamin Franklin are alike mainly because they have strong job ethics and are compassionate, when also different from each other because of the attitude towards learning

Among Benjamin Franklin’s defining qualities is his work ethic. Somebody once mentioned on how hard Franklin performed in his printing shop, expressing he “is superior to anything I at any time saw¦ I realize him still at work once i go home from your club, and he is at work again ahead of his friends are out of bed” (Franklin 59). Franklin realized that work led to achieving success, and this paid off later in the life when he was able to delight in his successes. Ragged Dick also understood this, and this is one of the initially things we all learn about him. After glowing shoes each morning, Dick sits down down in a restaurant and orders breakfast intended for himself. Soon after, his good friend Johnny, also a shoe shiner, joins him. Johnny don’t have the money to cover his individual breakfast, thus Dick decided to treat him. When Dick asks Ashton why he doesn’t have funds, Johnny says he won’t be able to afford that, to which Dick replies “well, you might if you tried. I actually keep my own eyes open. Option way My spouse and i get careers. You’re lazy, that’s precisely the matter” (Alger 9). Dick recognized that in the event that he proved helpful hard, he would have more money to spend, and would be better off overall. Resulting from the hard function of both equally Franklin and Dick, the two of these characters had been perceived more positively than they would have got otherwise been, Franklin’s daily news was rumored to be doomed to fail, and Dick was just one of various homeless kids who shined shoes. By having such good work values and getting so diligent, they were capable of not only do well financially, nevertheless advance themselves as their lives progressed.

Franklin and Dick equally learned what was like to hit your objectives through diligence, but they also understood what it was like to have difficulty. For this reason, both of them were caring and non-profit. They equally, in many instances, helped their friends out with either funds or job. Franklin’s good friend Ralph, who accompanied him to Britain, did not bring any money with him, therefore Franklin would let him take out a loan, in one instance saying “I had twelve to fifteen pistols, and so he lent occasionally by me when he was looking out for business” (Franklin 42). Franklin was kind and willing to assist out individuals who were less fortunate than him, and his work ethic allowed him a bit of extra money that this individual could use in other people. Dick was also willing to help out his close friends if that they needed it. After learning that Fosdick, Dick’s friend, had no set destination to sleep at nighttime, Dick wanted to let him be in his space, telling Fosdick “you need to go home with me. I guess my own bed will host two” (Alger 73). Dick had skilled what it was just like to sleep on the streets, and he knew that it was unpleasant and often hazardous. Opening up his room to Fosdick is a perfect example of just how compassionate and charitable Dick was. Franklin and Dick were both charitable since they known that, while they may not be extremely fortunate themselves, they were more privileged than others, and when they’d the opportunity to help someone make a move or give/loan them cash, they more often than not did anything they may to help.

While Franklin and Dick do discuss a lot of traits and similarities, the 2 are also unalike in multiple ways. One of many ways is how they equally viewed education and learning. Franklin was enamored with learning, and he aspired to learn new things as often as is possible. When learning Italian, Franklin would play chess along with his friend, and “the victor in every video game should have an appropriate to enforce a task, both in parts from the grammar to get got simply by heart, or in translation, et cetera. inch (Franklin 94). This would not merely help to develop Franklin’s language skills, but also his common sense skills, learning two abilities at once was obviously a win-win circumstance for Franklin. Dick, on the other hand, did not treat learning while using same degree of enthusiasm that Franklin had, and this is definitely apparent when Fosdick works together him to become literate. When ever asked about his prior record with education, Dick explains to Fosdick that he had just attended institution for two days, and that he would get punished “for indulgin’ in a little harmless amoosement” (Alger 76). Understandably, Dick did not see university and learning as vital to his existence, whereas Franklin saw it as one of the most crucial aspects of his life. Dick had learned the basics, and it was enough to allow him to do what he needed to do to be able to survive. Franklin learned as much as he may through literature, pamphlets, and teachers, however he always wished for to learn more and advance his knowledge.

Ben Franklin and Dick Hunter are very similar characters, owning strong job ethics and innate would like to help people, nevertheless they differ in their attitudes to things like learning and education.

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