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From this letter by simply George Bernard Shaw, mcdougal conveys brilliant detail that is emphasized regarding the death of his mother. Through this text, the author’s attitude towards his mother and her cremation service is utilized by the use of diction, detail, and imagery that serves to show the writers feeling of sentimentality and vitality from the captivated tone this individual attributed his mother with.

Throughout the excerpt, the author starts his oration in an admirable tone. The writer portrays his attitude towards his mom’s cremation as a positive view in life.

While using excessive use of diction, the writer describes what lies over and above the oven door from the crematory the oven as “wonderful, while other people desired it since horrifying to find out it. Shaw describes the oven getting “No roaring draught. Simply no flame. Zero fuel. ; rather, with the appearance of “cool, clean, sunny in the coffin. Shaw evokes a sense of diction that may be viewed with full of life. The cremation can be depicted being a “beautiful fire like “pentecostal tongue advises the mom as a heart ascending through the coffin together with the rebirth of life by itself.

By presentation of diction employ with the mother being rebirthed with remise of new existence, the author’s attitude may be best described within a blissful fashion.

Although Shaw describes the rebirth of his mother with the excessive usage of diction, he likewise attributes the cremation with vivid details of imagery. Shaw’s usage of imagery with his mom’s cremation shows the reader a tip of the author’s attitude towards his mom. When Shaw describes the coffin of “streaming frills of garnet colored wonderful flame, smokeless and keen, like pentecostal tongues, his view of imagery suggests flames is a symbol of lifestyle and that we have a spirit ascending from the coffin.

Shaw as well notes his “mother started to be that gorgeous fire,  before the cook “swept her up in a sieve and shook her out: to ensure that there was a lot of00 dust and a heap of bone fragments straps,  makes the images that Shaw conveys to his mother as a heart being hilarious. What Shaw portrays through these details is the fact by the burning of his mother, the corpse can now be observed soon enough and lifestyle itself, allowing her vitality into a religious figure a mockery of flesh and bone. By using imagery, Shaw is trying to emphasise that the top quality of the cremation makes it better compared to a burial.

Irrespective of Shaw’s amazing and happy attitude through his oration, there was fine detail among the page that gives someone a more informative thought of the attitude described to his mother and her cremation service. When Shaw addresses “O grave, wherever is thy victory? , it gives the reader the feeling that the burial plot is provided only with death in comparison to the cremation that permits the soul to to some extent escape the body and be define as cost-free, giving the crematory great connotations. This kind of puny fine detail shows the of the grave and crematory that gives an insightful frame of mind towards the actual author is intending to convey regarding his mother and her crematory. In most, Shaw’s strange appreciation in the event features him with all the recognition of victory of life more than death from releasing the spirit of his mother through the fire of the crematory.


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