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Virtue Ethics

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Advantage Ethics is a theory which will focuses on becoming better persons by expanding traits that happen to be known as virtues. Because it should do this, this enables people to achieve all their potential and not have to put all of their focus to the right and wrong of their actions. The topic of this dissertation is professing that the advantages of Virtue Ethics happen to be outweighed simply by its weaknesses. While some may well argue that the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh its strengths because it is hard to make use of. Others might argue that the weaknesses may outweigh the strengths because it focuses on the individual rather than the circumstance, it helps people achieve eudaimonia and that covers intentions and purposes.

First of all, one way in which it can be asserted that the weak points do not surpass its talents is because Advantage Ethics is an agent-centered theory meaning the procedure focuses on the rather than the scenario. This is a strength because although when you are held given the task of their activities, whether correct or incorrect, the most important component is the meaningful development of the person. Focusing on the introduction of an individual will have great effect because it allows them to study from mistakes while working on all their virtues as well. These benefits are called moral virtues- they are manufactured by practice and habit. For example , an individual will have to practice the virtue of kindness getting into kind things such as helping a classic person or perhaps sharing. This strength of Virtue Values shows that the strengths surpass the weak points because it is important to make sure that people fulfil the very best of their potential in order to reach their eudaimonia. Therefore , because this is such a crucial aspect of your life overall, it must outweigh the weaknesses mainly because of its importance.

One other strength of Virtue Integrity is that it can help achieve eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is a ultimate goal for humans. Humans reach their eudaimonia by growing and achieving the most that they can in their life. Virtue Integrity helps an individual achieve eudaimonia because of its reassurance to act virtuously and to avoid vices. By doing intellectual and moral benefits, humans are gradually achieving their eudaimonia. This is important for the theory because it has been set I destination to help individuals act in a way that will benefit them getting their eudaimonia. This outweighs the weak points of Advantage Ethics as it helps humans want to be better people.

Finally, an additional strength of Virtue Values which can claim against this affirmation is that the theory does not just do aside other meaning theories. Rather than Virtue Integrity not involving other meaningful theories completely, it shows it in a different way. For example , Christian Ethics instructs humans never to kill or steal. Virtue Ethics techniques this simply by teaching all of us to act properly and justly. By doing these types of virtues it can be highly probably that individuals is not going to kill or steal. This is very important because individuals can combine Virtue Integrity in with other theories that they may adhere to making it easier so they can understand how to act morally. This kind of outweighs the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics because by simply not neglecting other theories, it helps it be a strong theory to follow.

In conclusion, it is easy to argue that the weaknesses of Virtue Ethics do not surpass the strengths because there are a large number of good talents in the theory that profit humans a lot so therefore, the strengths will be of great importance which are hard to be outweighed.

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