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“A couple of minutes later, a middle-aged man sits down in front of the steering wheel of the car where Xochimilco and I are waiting. With out saying anything, he starts the electric motor and we accomplish.  (P. 14) This is just what Ramon “Tianguis Perez claims at the end of “From Diary of an Unrecorded Immigrant. In the reading the key character Matn is on the way to the United States as a wetback beneath the coyote’s support. At that time his heart is filled with bright expect this trip. In his mind America is a perfect country. Generally there he will make a lot of money and get a good fresh life.

After reading this text message, I thought of a movie I could see before, with a similar motif that people should fight for their very own dreams. When compared to reading, I do think the way the fact that movie says the topic is more successfully, because of following reasons. To start with they both equally talk about the illegal foreign nationals in the United States. Nevertheless , compared to the browsing that explains how the migrants go to America, the movie centers how they live and find it difficult to achieve legal status after coming to America. So I think the fact that movie could be the continuance from the reading.

It offers audience a great ending regarding the migrants. Second film production company chooses a better view to see the story compared to the reading. In the reading, the protagonist (author), himself is definitely an migrant. So this individual as a first-person narrator explains to the story by his recollection. We since the audience may observe without effort what he thinks about during the story and what this individual does to get going to the United states of america. In contrast, the film uses the third person narrator to show off immigrants’ life. The leading part Max Brogan is a border or immigration agent. He is a spectator intended for the migrants.

The movie merely uses his eyes showing the audience exactly what is happening about the illegal immigration. This individual looks like a part of the people, but the big difference is that he is in the story, and the target audience just rests in the theatre to watch. Thus he is closer to the audience. His thought for the migration is more goal. His overall performance in the film is more acceptable for the audience as well. For example when he makes a decision to accept Mireya Sanchez’s (a Mexican wetback) begging to bring her boy to her parents in Mexico, I definitely can figure out his thinking that he understand Mireya.

As a way an audience I favor the movie as it represent topic more aim. Besides the narrator, the more crucial reason I think the movie states more efficiently is that it uses symbolism to represent the different kinds of foreign nationals in the United States. In the reading the writer spends most time sharing with his experience during the trip. It just can be described as one individual’s story. The aim of protagonist, America, just exists in others’ description. For Martin himself, America is known as a place in his dream, but he has not seen in the truth.

However the video is composed by simply five immigrants’ story. The protagonist Max Brogan only is a individual that connects these five stories. These five small reports have completely happy ending and sad ending as well. Film production company uses five persons’ lives to symbolize five kinds of immigrants’ lives in america. There are sole mother, children, teenager, and old people. For example Taslima Jahangir and Yong Kim are both taken to the United States by way of a parents. They will both do not like America and miss their homelands.

They have so many similarities between them, however they have completely different end. Taslima is forced to leave America pertaining to Bangladesh and separated with her relatives. Kim successfully becomes an American citizen and starts a new life. That they symbolize the immigrant kids in America. When compared to reading, the movie the shiny lives of America while it shows the dark lives as well. America is vicious. Actually the reality is like that too. The NYtimes has been reported, “There were 463 deaths in the past financial year, which will ended September. 0 the equivalent of about five migrants about to die every several days, relating to an research by the Washington Office about Latin America, a human rights group.  The United States can be not a heaven that is full of money and gold like others identify in the reading. So once supporting the theme that people should fight for their dreams, the movie provides more probability of people’s closing. If I say that the browsing gives market encouragement to go to the United States, the movie gives support while it offers ideas to think about whether it is really worth to go.

Therefore the way video states the theme is far more comprehensive. For the studying and film, I likewise interviewed my classmate Roland to ask what he consider the way the fact that theme is usually represented between your movie and reading. This individual said, “The movie and the reading equally state the theme successfully, but the motion picture has their natural edge that it can be seen and heard. However the reading just only can be seen or perhaps read. The audience only may image what’s happening in his/her brain. The movie is somewhat more vivid compared to the reading. So it has better imagery than the reading.

For instance when Mireya Sanchez is found to perish at the edge between America and Mexico, we can truly see the horror of her body. It really is touched intended for the audience.  I really accept Roland’s idea. The text has its limit. The movie has its natural advantage that will help the movie to state the topic better. Generally speaking, for the similar motif, the movie plus the reading both represent very well. However , film production company chooses more objective watch to tell the storyplot, and it uses symbolism to back up theme more comprehensively. And so i believe the way that the movie presents the motif is better than the reading.


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