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1 . That which was Joanna Reed’s diagnosis of the specific situation in the donor services division? Sam Wilson was a north american who happened to run the Guatemala branch of a U. S i9000. aid agency. Joanna Reed’s diagnosis of the specific situation in his subscriber services department found many problems.

COMMAND – The most important problem was that there was not any leader who had been accountable. Elena was the manager but she had no control. She also had zero leadership expertise and would not get admiration because the girl was not bilingual and of a different sort of religion. The supposed head, Jose, spent almost all his time in the community services division.

He did not pay attention and left some misconception to Elena. INEFFICIENCY AT WORK – The translators generally did clerical work though they were bilingual. The work in the office was divided into set duties, one created by each person, and not divided equally.

Some personnel had a lot of paperwork while the others acquired spare time. The ones that had spare time did not help those full of work. There was clearly also deficiency of training in English and in work, so top quality was bad. The workers would not think about the work and used many extra steps and wasted period. TRACKING – The data had not been shared inside the department, so people experienced little knowledge about their work.

There were no statistics time, requests for information, or responses. There was little communication, additionally there was animosity of Elena by a lot of. Jose did not hear about complications or about good results.

MORALE – The agency was run with a religion and Elena had not been of that religion. However , everyone was proud of the agency and the religion. Nevertheless morale was low as the workers would not use or improve their abilities and had just a collection and boring role to perform. They are disappointed with the department.

GROUP DYNAMICS – One particular translator Magdalena had knowledge, college education, and maturity. She acquired strong opinion in the agency and was more specialist. Three translators socialized mainly, and their innovator Juana was outgoing with good dental English. Various other translators had too much work.

Everyone’s English language was only fair. Director Elena was left out. Elena was remedied like just a watchdog. Boss Jose had not been around much and paid out no focus. 2 . What should your woman recommend to Sam Pat? (HOW) Joanna might have made these ideas: LEADERSHIP – Magdalena might be a good director instead of Elena.

Magdalena got experience, education, belief in the agency, maturity, and professionalism and reliability. Magdalena can keep herself via making others dislike her by keeping a distance away from them. Your woman could also get respect.

Juana could be given more management roles, to work with her laughter and outgoingness. Elena can do a job that required the hardest job. Jose can spend every his time in the community companies department. INEFFICIENCY IN WORK – The working technique was converted to divide all the work more equally, so almost all workers would all careers. They could be fewer bored and pay attention to more through such schooling.

They may work in a team environment, rather than become selfish for themselves. Joanna’s discovered unnecessary measures, which triggered the system to be slow; could possibly be changed to an improved workflow. The employees could be asked to think more about advancements. The workers could be trained more in converting, perhaps that they could translate easy papers or elements of documents. Mingling could be reduced to break occasions.

TRACKING – Statistics time, requests for information, or answers could be kept and distributed to all personnel. Communication regarding problems or about great results would be improved through meetings, talks with leaders, and newsletters. COMFORT – Almost all workers could know almost all jobs and become given a minimum of boring operate, while bettering skills.

The religion should be emphasized along with service to others. The department can link with community companies more. Conversation should be encouraged. Togetherness together with an essential purpose whould be emphasized.

GROUP ASPECT – The best choice should be highly regarded because of English languge ability and command skills and become of the correct religion. Theleader should also be around all the time. The secondary head should be a staff worker and skillful in communication. The employees should value each other and work as a team. All persons must have clear power and responsibility.

The workload should be reasonable. REWARDS – Joanna can recommend benefits to change the workers’ and the managers’ tendencies. They could get a bonus to get achieving goals. They might get awards intended for service and efficiency.

They could have to be able to go to higher positions in the agency. Maybe they could visit the U. S.!

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