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At the start of IV century Arius announced that the Father is the only one veritable Goodness, and the Child is His creation. Boy was created by nothing, although He comes with an advantage above the other people, as they was created just before time and hundreds of years. Arius teaching is one of the forms of subordination, – a instructing about subordination of the Boy to the Daddy, and the St Spirit towards the Son. Arius has the following positions: 1 . Logos experienced the beginning of his being (????, erat, quando non erat), because consist of case right now there wouldn’t be any monarchy. In such case could be possible a diarchy (two principles), because He wouldn’t be the Boy, – the Son is definitely not the Father.

2 . Trademarks started his existence certainly not from the importance of Father – this might lead to department or zone of Keen Creature, in order to sensual concepts, which could reduce the The almighty to individual world, – but Having been created from nothing at all by his Father’s will; 3. This individual has lifestyle before-time and before-world, however it is certainly not eternal presence; so He is not the veritable God, but he’s different from God-Father by his essence, he can a creature (??,?? ) and Legs uses this sort of expressions about the man; 4. Even though the Son is a creature by simply essence, he has benefits over others, because he possess supreme characteristics after the The almighty. The God created anything through Him.

First of all God created Him, as quick all paths; 5. In case they call the Child equal to the God you must understand that He can equal by His Father’s will. 6th. His will, as it was created, primarily was changeable – equally likely both for good and to bad.

Alexander tried to convince Arius that he was wrong simply by admonitions, though without success. Following fruitless endeavors Alexander invited bishops coming from Egypt and Lebanon and by will of Council expectorates Arius by Alexandria and his supporters. There was identified ‘The Synodal Letter of the Council of Antioch’, which will condemns rules of Arius, but not purely.

Almost all bishops signed this kind of letter (except of three bishops). Alexander tries also to notify other bishops about danger of heresy and, finally, writes a letter to Emperor Constantine the Great. The emperor remorse about quarrels in the House of worship and requests to make peace. It was not possible, and somewhat later the Church cell phone calls Nicaea Authorities, where once very long debates the Church wrote ‘Symbol of belief’ and adopted that. Arius didn’t agree (his followers likewise protested to symbol of belief and pretending that they can agree, altered a notice in word ‘omousius’ (‘similar’, ‘like’ rather than mono-, uni-) and agreed upon the file.

The Chapel discovered desordre, condemned educating of Arius and removed him..

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