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Education Scenario

Response from District Superintendent

Bill James

How did the parents’ notification make you experience? Be honest in your response.

How performed I feel when reading this hooligan letter? My personal first impression after reading half way through the letter was, here is a person in (or an ideological believer in) the Tea Get together and the school’s multicultural applications give him a perfect opportunity to craze against migration. Reading all the way through, and studying it another time, it can be apparent which the father includes a chip in the shoulder as they served in combat missions and now that he could be out of uniform this individual believes he has the directly to rage against what he feels is too much attention paid to other ethnicities / subcultures in America.

He can say that he was in the service with other folks of different ethnicities and nationalities – and therefore he can not be labeled a racist or “right wing religious fanatic” – but his words and phrases (and the context) give him away. He appears to be first and foremost intolerant of Mexican migrants. He attempts to diffuse the most obvious bias he has against Mexicans simply by ranting about how precisely traditional holidays are recognized – “Halloween becomes Harvesting Day” and “Christmas turns into Winter Break” – but he won’t be able to hide by his belligerent anti-immigrant viewpoint. This is an appropriate wing demagogue and he may be risky, given his harsh story.

“We speak English – all the time! inch he grand. He rails at the university district’s “incessant bowing down to anyone Mexican or Spanish-speaking” and he believes that asking grammar school children to examine other cultures is tantamount to the “destruction of American principles. ” So , according to this parent, the only “Americans” happen to be of Western european extraction – or, “LEGAL IMMIGRANTS” (like his wife). The suggestion that all People in mexico are unlawful immigrants is beyond prejudice and moves into a hateful context.

The tactful approach used in the letter for this parent through the district superintendent is simply great business practice. The fact which the superintendent would want to meet with the parents shows the district is listening. It is not necessary for arguing or contentiousness in a case like this; the district merely needs to be playing parents’ problems no matter how absurd or bigoted they may be.

How can this issue focus on a school’s academic put in terms of its organization and alignment for all pupils?

Since there is no readily available breakdown of the ethnicity of students in the son’s classroom, it is not possible to examine all those dynamics. But if a sizeable number of learners – or perhaps a minority – were of Mexican history, one could notice that there is a practical cultural reason for launching a week’s study of the Mexican culture, Mexican history, Mexican values. In the end, there are a number of traditional American celebrations that most students are required to take part in, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and so forth.

Furthermore, Mexico is definitely part of the great the negotiating and progress the United States so that it makes sense for colleges to present the persuits, values, made use of and social beliefs of Mexico.

Will the curriculum correctly advocate intended for the need to give attention to the well being of all college students in a multicultural setting or has this kind of district gone too far? Explain and complex.

According to Standard 1 in the ISLLC Standards, instructors promote the success of students by embracing “a widely shared vision for learning, inches which implies a vision that all learners, no matter their ancestry or socioeconomic situation, can be component to. In Regular 4 (ISLLC Standards), the faculty and community associates of open public schools should respond to “diverse community pursuits and needs” by joining together resources through the community, in the event, those resources would contain individuals from the Latino / Mexican-American community to highlight traditional music, dance, and art.

The district has not gone too far at all (although it could be contended that a week is longer than needed, but that is splitting hairs) and it is believed that within the multicultural curriculum there will end up being celebrations associated with the lives and cultures of Asian-Americans, African-Americans, and Native Americans as well.

The Encanto County Open public Schools “Multicultural

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