Effects of Technology on Social Groups Essay

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The emergence of technology has brought regarding different sociable effects.

Some have lost while some have gained from the technology. A great element of technology requires working with equipment and this features resulted in to less man labor and a lot of the individuals have been delivered jobless by the machines. This is a negative impact on the social group that was working together since some have to be let go to give method for the machines.

Some people have become wealthier although some have become poor and this has created a gap between the two organizations. This has changed the anticipations of many persons in the interpersonal environment (Langdon, 1986). When you have studied tips on how to work with the machines they are really enjoying and getting closer to their social groups. People may easy work from home and this has turned working much easier. Social groups can work collectively on the internet and they will even discuss a network.

Most of the technology lies in the computer and throughout the computer; people can easily consult with all their friends in the social websites. People also locate spouses and lost friends on the internet and this is a value of technology since persons keep in touch even though they are definately not each other (English-Lueck 1998). In social groups like households, technology has resulted in breakups of close family members ties sine the members of the family can connect by sending an email and chatting. They will feel that they are close to their very own relatives even though they are in distant places consequently they do not take the time to travel residence.

This has built most of the father and mother to lose control of their children. This really is a way through which technology has created freedom pertaining to the fresh generation (Ruth. 1989). Recommendations 1 . Ruth Schwartz Cohen, (1989), Even more work for mother; The Ironies of Home Technology from the open fireside to the Micro wave, London, Free of charge Association Catalogs 2 . Langdon Winner, (1986), The Whale and the Aeroplano; A Search intended for Limits in an Age of High Technology, Chicago, il, University of Chicago press 3. M. A. English-Lueck, (1998), Technology and Social Change; The effects of family and community retrieved March 31, 2008 from website; http://www. sjsu. edu/depts/anthropology/svcp/SVCPcosa. html

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