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Excerpt from Term Paper:

They acessed the avarice of the handful of against the good of the many and decided in selfish prefer.

Without defense against this sort of corporate and business greed, American investors will be less keen to invest in any way. One can begin to see the effects of only the one chance of unfaithfulness to entrepreneur confidence plus the lack of funding in the strength sector next Enron’s demise, to begin to understand what company scandal based on unethical negotiations could have in investment. Expenditure dollars is definitely the lifeblood towards the American economic system. Businesses might no longer receive the vital capital needed to grow and be competitive in today’s hyper-competitive, increasingly globalized economy. Expenditure risks would take on an entire new that means, evolving by risks associated with the business achievement to dangers associated with whether or not the company is definitely accurately confirming their economic positioning. This kind of increase in risk would be undesirable to most shareholders. Society demands honesty in disclosure and may accept absolutely nothing less. For this reason, stakeholders with this situation is definitely anyone that is affected by the American economy, from corporate executives, to gas stop attendants, for the children these people need to feed and support, to foreign organizations that interact with American businesses in any way, shape or type. Should this issue not have been addressed, intended for the greed of the couple of, the entire American economy, since it currently is out there, could failure.


Pertaining to Enron, the damage had been too severe. There was nothing that may have been completed meet the interpersonal expectations of ethical business behavior and reporting.

Contemporary society demanded the fact that organization froid for its sins. However , in addition to this atonement, actions were delivered to prevent other organizations by being able to deceive the public while Enron experienced. The Sarbanes-Oxley bill was made law throughout summer of 2002. No longer could external auditors be allowed to be used by the company management. and, not only could balance linens and last figures become audited but also the quality of financial settings and devices that were in position would be audited as well. No more would businesses be able to both consult and audit intended for an organization, since this is clearly a conflict of interest. but , Enron is a perfect example of just how an organization can easily “misuse the very standards and principles which have been supposed to protect the public’s interests” (Kranacher).

Although it can be through these new regulates that People in america hope to under no circumstances experience an Enron ever again, the SEC and the American public need to remain careful for the next Enron.


Kranacher, M. “Financial Statement Difficulty: A Breeding Ground to get Fraud. ” CPA Diary 76(9)

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