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Following the completion of the integrity games and answering the questions concerning two diverse dilemma encountered by the company G-BioSports, I use compiled this kind of report to present the issues that have been brought up in both situations. The circumstances were extracted from the point of view with the Associate Representative of Procedures if the business and the goal was to put in force the company policies, keep the company safe from any kind of lawsuits, action fairly, and come up with the best solution for any parties involved.

It is well-known that what is legal could possibly not ethical (Trevino, 2011). Relating to Loyola Marymount University, there is a three-step strategy to deal with ethical concerns. Step one is always to analyze the outcomes, step two evaluate the actions, and step three to make a decision. (Loyola, 2009) Mysterious Tumblr The moral dilemma faced by G-BioSports is that among the employees continues to be posting blogs regarding company products and security procedures. However , none with the blog posts had been particularly harmful to the company. This problem is placed one of the ten issues elevated by IT functions.

The issue is privacy: does information’s supply justify the use? (techrepublic. com, 2006) The subsequent concern involved a great anonymous email sent simply by an THAT employee known as Jamal Moore. He bypassed company secureness procedures to illegally get company intranet and trail blogging by a residence PC, and also sending an anonymous email to expose the blogger. Following further report on all email documents, the next phase was to figure out what company plans had been eroded by these kinds of actions. In regards to the anonymous email sent by Jamal, organization policy says that email transmissions delivered outside of each of our intranet increase confidentiality concerns. Along with, There is a legitimate matter about the safety of exterior email.

Jamal is therefore breaking the company code of perform for applying company assets on his home pc, as well as skipping security protocols due to his IT expertise. Aaron as well violated the company’s Confidential Information section of policy which usually reads, Also, employees may well not discuss the company’s organization, information, or perhaps prospects in a chat room, or perhaps web journal (blog), no matter whether they use their own name or possibly a pseudonym. These guidelines show that Aaron’s actions violate the contractual contract forbidding him to expose company information, even if it is for the non-threatening goal. Both cases should cause some form of disciplinary action.

To be able to fairly rationalize the disciplinary action performed all parties involved must be determined, ranking these people from maximum to cheapest impact. After analyzing the results on everyone involved, figuring out and assessing possible strategies to disciplinary steps must be discussed. The final step can be in employing the best opportunity which satisfies all desired goals and might best package our company and its particular values. It absolutely was helpful the moment reviewing every solution, to choose an honest perspective or perhaps lens to identify the best course of action from a nonpersonal viewpoint.

When evaluating the situation, My spouse and i examined all the different points of views of each ethical lens and how our company’s values could be incorporated in each contact lens. The Rights and Responsibility lens best suit our company’s overall situation on honest issues (Trevino, 2011). Veiled ID The 2nd ethical ruse examines different factors of range and corporate ethical standards. The incident engaged a former worker break-in to company property and assaulting a current staff who was hospitalized.

New protection measures should be implemented to be able to prevent any future reliability breaches. Your decision was made to develop security procedures that will need all workers to carry a photograph ID logo to offer access in company facilities. Aisha Mullah, a highly valued employee for many years, has an moral inquiry regarding the image ID program.

Aisha procedures the Muslim faith in fact it is a tight religious requirement that her face should be covered at all times, including in photos. The ethical issue at hand is usually how to develop a security policy that protects the protection of our personnel and accommodates anyone with unique needs just like hers. G-BioSports new security measures will need to improve worker safety along with create a very good work environment to be successful. The first step in the choice making process is determining the ethical concern or problem.

In Aisha’s case, the implementation of photo ID’s for reliability purposes will make a problem due to her spiritual beliefs. G-BioSports code of ethics rules states, The same Employment Chance and Diversity that, Promoting range within our labor force is important. It also says G-BioSports totally prohibits splendour or harassment on the basis of gender, gender identity, race, color, veteran status, religion, sexual, sexual alignment, age, mental, or physical disability. After thorough evaluation of possible ethical perspectives and issues, I believe the relationship contact lens is the accurate procedure to adhere to.

This lens would inform us that because our relationship with our employees is important to maintain a safe, productive, and morally organized environment we have to take exceptional needs of employees in consideration. This employee demands leniency on the security coverage in order to maintain her religious views, but the rest of the organization would nonetheless follow the ID policy. In this way the group as a whole will benefit from the protection measures plus the relationship together with the employee with special needs will be satisfied. Any future ethical issues that arise may be handled in a similar fashion and employees will feel comfortable presenting issues they are experiencing with administration.

Personal Relationship The moral issues that were discussed linked to my business in that a large number of employees of my organization are coming from different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and have different sexual personal preferences. Discrimination is definitely something that is actually a major problem while using group of people who work for the corporation but the accepting policies and procedures allow for everyone to fit in and feel comfortable. There is no need to hide anything about our personal background to obtain the job or to keep your current without being discriminated against.

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