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In modern society the situation of ethnicity intolerance particularly draws the attention. It is not surprising due to the fact that any insensitive remarks or decisions manufactured by people of numerous nations cause a lot of racial riots and strikes. Definitely, without common understanding between nations, a rustic would drop its peacefulness and become unstable which in turn will affect, for instance , the country’s economy. Therefore, racial balance is the most important interpersonal issue that governments should certainly deal with. So how can we obtain racial tranquility?

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It might are most often troublesome, tiring and difficult although actually it is very simple.

Privately I believe that, we simply need to be reasonable and thoughtful towards every racial groupings existing in the area. The government, as well, must do their share to ensure that policies and laws executed are not marginalizing any particular racial group. In my opinion, tolerance between nations around the world helps people to communicate more effectively and get more information on each other peoples culture and language.

Therefore the challenges faced by the federal government to maintain ethnic harmony should be understand the ethnicities of the distinct racial groupings and maintain their ethnicities while developing the other racial groups together. This can be achieved by creating a common space between every racial group to connect to each other. Furthermore, the government organizations or community clubs may organize more activities for people of all ages to enjoy, interact and play jointly united people of the nation.

The government can also boost relationship together with the other countries whereby the nation is made up of. For example , our nation, as we know, is among the most modern countries on the globe, consisting of about 100 different nationalities and ethnic groupings. And we should certainly admit our government attempts to build very good relationships with all the Central Oriental States (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan) and China from which most foreign nationals are arriving. Moreover, to be able to maintain racial harmony, it seems to me that, we should likewise, for instance, possess friends of differentracial groups.

Even if we do not like each of our neighbours, less complicated amazed at what a word of “hello or perhaps “good morning could do to your neighbours. It would light their encounter and they will feel nearer to you. Thus in times of difficulties, you can always depend on them to assist you to. After all, we do not always have family living near us, and so making friends with individuals of different ethnicity groups might help greatly. However , we have a completely different viewpoint on the part of government in solving racial harmony difficulty.

It is widely known that many world leaders today seem to really believe that physical violence can end violence, and this diplomacy can be expendable. For instance , in the tragic ongoing issue in the Middle East, both the Israelis and Palestinians continually damage each other. A change in leadership cannot cause the people to forget their very own past sufferings, so how do we expect peace in the Middle East unless these types of peoples can learn to reduce each other their particular debts and commence over?

That’s why, in my opinion, every governments and leaders should certainly think, to start with, of cozy life with their country and leave their particular personal morals behind. To sum up I would like to state that a authentic and complete tranquility is certainly not created in a single sweeping actions, but rather, one individual at a time. Through education, we could weaken various social bias. By assisting people make an effort to look at the conflict from a different perspective, simply by helping them see that different is totally different from evil, we could work towards an even more peaceful the planet. We must be the composers of a unified future.

Alyona Karpova

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