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Dear Sir/Madam, I actually am incredibly glad to obtain vacancy with the organisation and I believe I use the skills and private qualities to get the stated job. My various work experiences involved working in different environment, scenario and country. I have accomplish my responsibilities efficiently exactly where I was attached. Like a teacher in abroad, I actually get opportunity to learn different language, cultures, and environment and mix plan different ethnic group of people.

At present, I i am working in a residential residence as Support worker where my main duties involves assisting with personal and social care, facilitating actions, promoting confident behaviour, helping with medication and hospital appointments, offering physical and emotional support where necessary and help individuals to live gratifying life with high spirits. This has helped me realise that we love virtually any work, We would get more fulfillment and enjoyment via working. Moreover to my own growing knowledge of job, I will offer various skills attained from study, work and other activities, by way of example: I make sure to continue to work hard to give my personal best with sincerity to fulfill your staff, if I receive opportunity.

Dreaming about positive concern of my sincerely request. Thank you. Sincerely

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