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Excerpt by Research Pitch:

Abnormal Force

Since September of 2011, “federal prosecutors will be targeting a rising number of law enforcement officials for claimed brutality” (Johnson, 2007). Figures report that there have been boosts in “cases in which law enforcement officials, prison protects and other law enforcement officials authorities have used increased force or other strategies to break victim’s city rights, inches estimates put it at roughly 25% (Johnson, 2007). Offered the increase in excessive push by law enforcement, it without doubt leads to the question: why is this happening?

Extreme force is a concept it does not have a concrete description; but there are several levels of power by police that are thought to be excessive based on the circumstances they are confronted with. “Excessive force, inches according to ABC news, is a “slippery metaphor” and “experts claim it’s any kind of force further than what’s essential to arrest a suspect and keep police and bystanders safe” (Segan, 2011). From year 1994 to 98, there have been 147, 362 occurrence of law enforcement officials related power according to a project supervisor for the National Law enforcement Use of Force Database Job (Segan, 2011). Though, the Human Right Watch group reviews that there were approximately 12, 000 complaints a year of law enforcement misuse (Segan, 2011). As interest is being drawn to the increased force happenings, society will be increasingly concerned at the infractions it creates to their detrimental rights.

Assertion of difficulty

The issue that needs to be researched are definitely the factors which have been involved with the increased law enforcement officials brutality in recent years.


Police is responsible for specifically that, to enforce legislation; but , they are also to be accustomed to protect people and still keep their human being rights. With all the increase in extreme force by simply police, it is vital to explore the factors that encircle why there have been an increase in law enforcement officials brutality also to potentially gain insight into what you can do to overcome it and maintain the abnormal force happenings at bay. Abnormal force in modern day culture is certainly not acceptable by law or by basic human being rights that our society has progressed as well.


In attempting to find out what elements and variables are leading to the increase in excessive power, the desire to understand everything regarding each face and the cops and subjects involved is seemingly not possible. There are great limitations with regards to drawing out individual information on how and why some situation escalated to the level in which that did. A few myriad of different factors that are in play at any given time, and to understand which each is and the level of influence that they had on the given scenario will be seemingly impossible. Furthermore, in analyzing past extreme force scenarios, there will be superb limitations about what was registered about personal situations of the victims and the law enforcement individuals who were linked to each

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