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Study course Description This Field Research course two is designed to provide FS students with opportunities to connect teaching-learning theories and principles reviewed I the six-unit programs in Principles of Teaching one particular and a couple of with genuine classroom practice. It is intended to help the FS student observe how these principles of teaching and learning will be applied by the resource teacher to make the teaching-learning process fun, meaningful, thrilling and pleasant When I see three diverse classes. I will be able to determine application of the guidelines of learning in the teaching-learning process.

University Address: N 1 L3 Panorama Ville Mariquita Sta Rosa City Laguna Grade/Year Level: Gentler 1 1 ) The tutor lets the learner do the learning activity 2 . Learning is the finding of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas. 2 . This is to some extent the same with principle leading. Learners can easily understand principles if they are relevant to the requirements and challenges. Hence, while teachers, we must relate the lesson for the learners’ demands, interests and problems. several.

Learning is actually a consequence of exercises use experiential learning as far as possible period 5. Learning can be described as cooperative and collaborative procedure. Learners will gain details about more if they happen to be given probabilities to work together and share tips. Make use of group activities. your five. Learning is actually a evolutionary process Learning especially if this means a change in behavior will not happen in a click. This involves time and homework.

So as teachers, is sufferer? Be patient. Show patience. Be patient. six. Learning may also be a painful method This means that learning requires sacrifice, hard work, research time.

Area learners know this alright? 7. One of the richest helpful the learning is definitely the learner him self Let’s certainly not be too centered after ourselves. Let’s draw the topic not only in our own encounters as educators but around the learners’ experience as well. Pay attention and let the learners share their prior understanding, stories, info, etc that could enrich the training process. Encourage free posting inside the class.

8. The process of learning can be emotional and also intellectual Scholars can’t study that much in the event that they have a thing that is disturbing their minds. These can be problems and worries they have both in or perhaps out of the classroom. Thus, as teachers, let us be delicate to our students’ problems. All of us can’t teach learners with empty stomachs remember? being unfaithful.

The process of problem solving and learning are highly one of a kind and individual Make use of different teaching approaches that can cater multiple intelligences and learning styles. My own Analysis With this Episode, I have to be able to: Consider the lesson objectives following observing my own Resource Teachers teach. Observe how the leading principles in the formulation of lesson aims are applied Realize the importance of a clearly defined lesson objective.

1 .?nternet site observe a category, I will make use of the observation Sheet for a more focused observation. Declaration Sheet Name in the Resource Instructors Observed: Muriel Criselda Delmo School Addresses: B 1 L3 Spectacle Ville Mariquita Sta Insieme City Olvido Grade/Year Level: Kinder you Guiding Concepts in Determining and Making Learning Targets Teaching Behavior which prove/s Observance with the Guiding Principle 1 . Begin with the finish in mind 1 ) The reference teacher began her lessons by beginning her target 2 . Reveal lesson aim with pupils 3. Lesson objectives should be in the 2 or 3 domains cognitive, skill and affective or cognitive and efficient or skill and efficient 4. Work on significant and relevant lessons objectives. your five.

Lesson aims must bring about the development of essential and creative thinking 2 . After observing the resource educator teach, take note of what you think was/ were her lesson objective. several. Ask agreement from your resource teacher that you can copy her lesson objective for the day’s lessons. Copy that here after that compare that with your answer in #. Are they a similar? Different? My own Analysis 1 ) If answer in # 3 above is different, what is their conclusion with regards to written lessons objective and actual lesson development?

Would be the lesson objectives in the lesson plan constantly followed? Do they really serve as leading star? 2 . Why do you find it easy/ Hard to write down the resource teacher’s lesson target for the day?

Did he point out it at the outset of the lesson? 3. Performed you find the lesson objective SMART? For what reason or perhaps you should? 4. Was the lesson aim in the cognitive or psychomotor or efficient domain?

Or was this in two or three domains? Support your answer.

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