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Here is a list of existing meanings for the Internet of Things: – * “Things having identities and virtual personalities with smart areas using clever interfaces for connecting and communicate within social, environmental, and user contexts or “Interconnected objects having an active part in what could possibly be called the near future Internet or semantically “Internet of Issues means a world-wide network of interconnected objects distinctly addressable, based upon standard conversation protocols

ETP EPOSS 05/2008

* “A global network infrastructure, connecting physical and virtual items through the exploitation of data capture and interaction capabilities.

This infrastructure involves existing and evolving Net and network developments. It is going to offer specific object-identification, sensor and interconnection capability as the basis for the development of independent cooperative services and applications. These will probably be characterized by a top degree of autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity and interoperability. 

Casagras 02/2009

* “A world wherever physical objects are effortlessly integrated into the info network and where the physical objects may become active members in business operations.

Providers are available to interact with these types of ‘smart objects’ over the Internet, question and change their state and any information associated with all of them, taking into account security and personal privacy issues. 

Stephan Haller, SAP 05/2009

* “Internet of Items (IoT) is definitely an integrated a part of Future Internet and could become defined as a dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities depending on standard and interoperable interaction protocols exactly where physical and virtual ‘things’ have identities, physical characteristics, and virtual personalities and use intelligent interfaces, and are seamlessly incorporated into the information network. In the IoT, ‘things’ are required to become effective participants in corporate, information and social procedures where they may be enabled to interact and communicate amongst themselves device environment by simply exchanging info and details ‘sensed’ regarding the environment, while reacting autonomously to the ‘real/physical world’ incidents and influencing it by making processes that trigger activities and make services with or devoid of direct human intervention. Extrémité in the form of services facilitate connections with these ‘smart things’ over the Internet, question and change hawaii and details associated with these people, taking into account security and level of privacy issues. 

CERP-IoT 09/2009

* “The future Net of Issues links distinctively identifiable things to their online representations in the Internet containing or linking to additional information on their identity, status, location or any type of other organization, social or perhaps privately relevant information by a financial or perhaps non-financial pay-off that exceeds the attempts of information provisioning and offers details access to non-predefined participants. The provided correct and suitable information might be accessed in the right quantity and state, at the best and place in the right price. The Internet of Things is definitely not identifiable with ubiquitous / pervasive computing, the web Protocol (IP), communication technology, embedded devices, its applications, the Internet of People or the Intranet / Extranet of Issues, yet that combines factors and solutions of all of the approaches. 

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