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Operation and Supply cycle management (OSCM) is one of the foundations that effective businesses depend on to provide a competitive advantage into their industry. The objective of OSCM should be to develop as well as a system that effectively and efficiently handles the movement of raw material assets into useful end products for buyer use (Chase, 2006). In the fast food market this process will take center stage to maintain competitive prices. A review of the availability process in two nationwide chains, Whataburger and McDonald’s, showcases every single chain’s methods to OSCM.

Observed Creation Processes McDonald’s restaurant places its concentrate on quick transformation times intended for efficiency and cost savings. McDonald’s mission declaration is “to be the customers’ beloved place and way to have. By cutting down the unit price per item and building a customer stream process that increases the amount of units distributed, McDonald’s can easily maintain its dollars menu things and affordable prices (McDonald’s, 2012). The production procedure for McDonald’s is easy and all McDonalds follow the same process with employee teaching via videos on customer support and the meals prep procedure.

The cafe makes use of sophisticated technology and prepackaged pre-cut produce to reduce prep times. Each change has certain cleaning duties to full to maintain the food prep area and basic safety standards. (McDonald’s, 2012). Whataburger The focus for Whataburger can be on freshness and a burger it takes two hands to hold. The mission affirmation is the same as that originally was: to provide a hamburger so big that it required two hands to hold and thus good that with 1 bite customers would claim, “What a burger! ”(Whataburger 2012). Whataburger uses the most up-to-date technology although preserves the importance of the customer and made to order meals.

Identify the consumer expectations for the support and merchandise McDonalds The consumer expectations for McDonalds depend on speedy service and reasonable prices. The take out chain has a value menu with items for one money during most meal times. Customers expect quick delivery of their meal whether they drive through or perhaps dine inside. Whataburger Whataburger patrons anticipate a big burger that is made just for all of them when they order it. Whilst time of delivery does subject, the experience is somewhat more about getting a large burger just the way they want this. Consumers exactly where are not while concerned about a dollar menu.

Seven Major Questions How are in-store requests taken? The McDonald’s junk food chain has multiple certified where purchases are placed face to face and joined via computerized cash registers. The certified transmit the orders digitally to a display in the foodstuff prep location, with in store orders will be identified by drive through orders. As soon as the order is over, the cashier clears that order when the customer can be handed the foodstuff. Whataburger likewise uses electronic screens inside the food prepare area that receive the buy information through the cashier at the counter.

Orders are figures and the client is given a number to place in the or her table. Whataburger actually has an intermediate storage space who provides the done order to eat in patrons at their particular tables while offering condiments for his or her meal. Are the hamburgers willing to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered via a storage bin? McDonald’s hamburgers will be frozen patties to ensure persistence of size and appearance. McDonald’s cooks the patties in batches and place them in temperature manipulated warmer containers.

Each bins holds a single batch and a timer is placed every bin to manage times relating to OSHA standards (McDonald’s, 2012). During peak occasions, a arranged quantity of burgers are prepared and prepackaged in advance and put on a temp regulated delivery rack. Whataburger hamburgers will never be cooked right up until they are purchased. The burgers are made from completely American gound beef that has never been freezing (Whataburger, 2012).. How are particular orders dealt with? Since Burger king does prepare ahead of time, particular orders these are known as over brain as well as placed in the digital order entry system with the cash register.

Particular stickers will be applied to the outside of the hamburger wrapping to identify special purchases as goods are placed in the delivery holder. At Whataburger, all orders are particular orders. Every customers are asked what exactly they want on their hamburger when they order. Whataburger will need phone instructions ahead of time intended for large teams (such as buses of students) and still have them all set when the group arrives. How are the hamburgers cooked? McDonald’s hamburgers will be frozen patties to ensure persistence of size and appearance (McDonald’s, 2012). McDonald’s cooks the patties in batches make them in temperature managed warmer receptacles.

Each bin holds one particular batch and a termes conseill�s is placed per bin to regulate times according to OSHA standards. During peak moments, a collection quantity of hamburgers are prepared and prepackaged ahead of time and added to a temp regulated delivery rack. Whataburger hamburgers are cooked over a grill top rated. While the burger is cooking, the bun is done alongside it on the grill. How are the hamburgers put together? At McDonald’s, patties will be removed from the warmer receptacles and assembled according to direction per type of hamburger or per customer purchase.

The fruit and vegetables are already chop up prior to set up. The total period it takes to get ready a McDonald’s hamburger, in the freezer for the customer’s hands, is about a moment and a half (McDonald’s, 2012). Whataburger burgers are never assembled beforehand. All fresh vegetables are purchased fresh and cut up often through all alterations. The prepare food places the meat within the grilled bun and goes it to the assembler who have adds the vegetables and quickly delivers the food for the server to transport to the table in case it is a dine-in order. Is known as a microwave oven used in the process?

McDonald’s previously used a microwave to heat up dairy products burgers, but that practice was ceased about three years ago. They do have a customized pie heating unit that is based upon the micro wave; it’s designed specifically to warmth the deep-fried Cherry and Apple pies (McDonald’s, 2012). Whataburger would not use a micro wave in preparing food. How are additional items including French fries and drinks taken care of? McDonald’s cooks French fries in batches in accordance to volume level using an 80% standard that states 80% in the customers will certainly order a huge size smolder. McDonald’s Chocolate bars take installment payments on your

5 minutes to cook, hence they have to approach fast to maintain the output of fries to hold with the volume of hamburgers (McDonald’s, 2012). The lobby fountain drink channels are self-service. The McDonald’s drive through system is fast and effective. As every single drive through order is keyed, the automated drink dispenser drops the correct size cup in to the holder and rotates it through the procedure for ice then to the right fountain drink and fills within half inch for the lip in the cup. The finished beverage slides to the side and the cashier places the tops.

Whataburger serves fries that are cooked fresh within a quick fryer in little batches. The fries are never cooked in the same petrol with seafood or meats products. The soft drinks in Whataburger happen to be self services inside. On go purchases at the windowpane, the cashier fills the drink and places the lid about. State the opinion regarding the process efficiency, efficiency, and measurements McDonald’s basically serves a market interested in speed of service and a lower price. As such, the business has developed some processes to show out meals in under three minutes.

The worthiness menu of items for one dollars is also a common item. McDonald’s operates efficiently, but consumers generally recurrent the place based on convenience and speed more than quality. McDonald’s measures success largely for the time it will take to deliver foodstuff orders. Top quality does not seem to be the main concern. Whataburger strives to deliver huge quality burgers and foodstuffs that are prepared fresh if they are ordered. The service can be quite a bit slower, but the end product is an old fashioned cheese burger made to purchase.

The processes used are generally effective because the goal is different through the sheer velocity desired simply by McDonalds. Ideas for improvement McDonald’s and Whataburger do a good job based on the audiences that they serve. McDonald’s succeeds because it can turn out inexpensive foodstuff quickly. A specific area that could boost is the automated drink r�partir used for travel through assistance. Different tastes of drinks are furnished through the same line. A few residual taste from the past drink appears in the next a single dispensed. Fruity drinks leave a strange flavor in colas or ” lemon ” lime drinks particularly.

Whataburger still treats every purchase like a particular order and starts preparing only after the order is positioned. As a result, assistance may be not fast enough for rushed consumers. The chain may probably increase service with out compromising top quality by adding personnel at top times. Bottom line Organizations of all kinds rely on operations supply string management to satisfy the requirements of the buyer. An effective and efficient system of delivering raw materials and/or completed goods towards the consumer is important in all industries to ensure that the company is successful.

Whether the business can be described as sole proprietorship or a mega giant such as Walmart, it must utilize procedures and supply cycle management to stay profitable and achieve the goals in the organization.

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