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Langston Hughes, in his short story, “Salvation, uses himself since the character inside the story. Langston truly does undergo a transformation in his your life, as a preteen. Due to his young age, he seems that his profound conclusion about religious beliefs is a betrayal to his family and does not feel because an adult may possibly if they came to similar conclusion.

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He wants to imagine what his aunt is convinced and this can hurt him deeply that this individual cannot see what the girl sees or believe just how she will in terms of accepting in faith based figures because factual persons.

It is the irony of his disbelief while the younger Langston has a more mature take on Jesus, who is used of more than various other figures inside the story, as they requires proof of his existence.

His great aunt believes that Jesus may save Langston from trouble and holds other morals about Goodness and the Holy Ghost that she could not prove. Her thought process seemed more erroneous and immature than Langston’s.

Therefore , not only does Langston go through a transformation in the manner he seen religion, nevertheless grew because he developed a more mature thought process.

Langston is a fresh boy of virtually thirteen years of age in this tale. At this young age, many young boys develop many developmental areas. Using the theme of growth, Hughes deals with this premise in the area of religion. In the initial line of the storyline Hughes says “I was saved from sin while i was going on thirteen.

This is a fascinating line to investigate, as he later says that he was certainly not saved from sin, within a religious feeling. But , it could be that he can saved in the “sin of not applying rational believed and of being a person, who is heavily affected from other folks. Apparently even though Langston is annoyed when he thinks that this individual has injure his aunt by deceiving her in the belief of Jesus, this simply shows that while having been growing right into a young man emotionally, he was still immature emotionally.

Hughes extremely descriptive dialect in dealing with the characters and the behavior in church, will make the practice of religion, by itself, seem extremely immature. Hughes says that “suddenly the whole room broke into a sea of shouting, as they saw me rise. Surf of rejoicing swept the spot. Women leaped in the air. My aunt plonked her biceps and triceps around me. Nevertheless Langston is a only relaxed person in the midst of all of this mayhem. This individual thinks rationally and would like to see Christ, when he would not, he comes to the acceptance that there is simply no Jesus. While his aunt is definitely proud, he feels poorly that he could not let her know the truth about his deduction.

Langston, also, has the presence of mind to understand that before weeks, the church experienced brought in a large number of people to end up being “saved and “the regular membership of the chapel had cultivated by advances and bounds. This is another stage of expansion that can be taken from this deductions and this may be the growth of shifting physically far from family and different institutions to becoming more autonomous.

In conclusion, this story is approximately growth and transformation. The title, “Salvation, may be deceptive, as the speaker will not experience salvation in a religious sense. The salvation that he does accomplish is in the freedom of growing into a young man with rational thought and normal questioning on the planet around him.

Hughes will do a wonderful task of describing the mental growth via boy to man the fact that character experiences. The emotional element of growth can be touched after too, while the boy is still premature in that aspect. It is usually gathered also that actually, Langston is moving away from his aunt while others in the community being his own person.


Hughes, Langston. “Salvation. (1940). Available online Reached 18 Nov, 2008.


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