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A large number of movies obtain message throughout through the use of phrases and pictures, however the Red Balloon, by Albert Lamorisse, is among the few movies who accomplishes this through minimal conversation and purposeful music. This kind of movie provides clearly received multiple honours. Two of the awards include the Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or plus the Academy Honor in 1956. This film deserves the awards that it received for many reasons, the main ones being that it was able to keep the viewers captivated and holds various messages. The films I viewed that were manufactured using mostly pictures had been boring.

Nearly all of them failed to maintain your audience addicted, except for this movie. This movie stored the audience interested all throughout. One of the best parts about this film, The Crimson Balloon, is the fact it holds quite a few amounts of signs, metaphors, and meanings. Just how one expresses these icons and metaphors is completely dependent upon one’s very own “life experience.  The ideas that Albert Lamorisse constructs intended for the youngster are endless. The Reddish colored Balloon provides the idea of seeking after one’s goals and it is a metaphor for Jesus’ death.

One of the many ideas that this film holds is being able to pursue your goals/dreams regardless of the people in society who have put a single down. At the beginning of the movie, the boy finds a reddish colored balloon on the way to school. This really is similar to a light bulb that all of an abrupt pops up in one’s brain. On the way to institution, he goes some people who look at him and the go up in a shocked way. This can be a metaphor for people who question a person’s goals and how effective they will be. Down the line in the movie, his classmates pop the boy’s crimson balloon.

A quote that may be relatable to the situation explained by Honest Sinatra can be, “Success is a good revenge.  The best revenge is certainly not through physical violence, but it will be successful and prove to these people that all their attempts hardly ever affected one’s road to success. This can be relatable for the movie mainly because after the red balloon acquired popped and “taken away from him, he accepted that and obtained more goals/dreams than what was taken from him. One more proverb in the Japanese culture that matches this model of the video is, “Fall seven moments, stand up 8-10. This means that whenever a person is pushed down or perhaps stepped about, that person must stand up and stay stronger than he/she was before. If he/she will keep falling, get up because shortly he/she will probably be so solid that nothing at all can topple him/her down ever again. The primary takeaway of the interpretation should be to follow your dream/goal is not a dream is actually big neither too promising small to pursue. One other idea that this kind of film portrays is the loss of life of Jesus. The most dominant scene that portrays this idea is near the end of the film. Near the end, a classmate steps on the balloon and kills this.

After that, various balloons across Paris are freed from their captivity and fly towards the owner with the boy as well as the red balloon. The balloons then carry the boy up and away into the skies. It is said that whenever Jesus dead, his people are freed, when it was shown in the movie. Another scene that may be related to Catholicism is when the little boy as well as the little girl complete each other and the boy’s reddish balloon tries to get nearer with the ladies blue balloon. The green balloon is a symbol of Jesus’s mom as in the pictures she wears blue garments. There is no refusal that elements of this film are religious.

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