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Throughout Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard To Find”, hints get to the readers that predict what is in store, foreshadowing the grotesque finishing that is to come. These insinuations with the forthcoming become coincidences afterwards in the story when they really do develop into reality, creating mocking irony. The names within the story can be considered foreshadowing themselves.

For instance , the name of the city where the is murdered is named “Toombsboro. ” The word “Toombsboro” can be separated into two words: Tombs and Bury. These are terms that indicate death. The very fact that the publisher chose this kind of as a name for the town, implies the foul function that will make sure later in the story. The first minute that foreshadowed the future was your article regarding the Misfit that the grandmother showed Bailey. She told him, “A Misfit is aloose in the Federal Dog pen and headed toward Florida…I wouldn’t consider my kids in any path with a criminal like that aloose in it. “(368) This moment creates a major coincidence when the family later runs into the Misfit.

Plus, it absolutely was an paradox because the Granny had attemptedto persuade the family not to go in the direction the Misfit was heading. But, unfortunately simply June Star paid any attention to the comment, plus the family would run into the criminal. Additionally , a less obvious proof of foreshadowing happened when Summer Star announced, “She [The Grandmother] wouldn’t stay at home for any million dollars.

She has to go everywhere we go”(368) This is read being a direct foreshadowing of the buy and incident of the grandmother’s death. If the family results in the Misfit, and each member of the family is used into the forest, the reader amazing things why each and every time Bobby Shelter and Hiram return with no family member. At some point, one realizes they have every been killed. So , June Star’s brief review that the granny goes just about everywhere the friends and family goes could be read like a signal that she will meet the same end that they do.

Plus, the truth that she follows the family mentioned that she’d die last. Furthermore, although the grandmother did not want to go to Florida, the lady still unpredictably dresses up. The grandmother used, “A navy blue straw sailor man hat with a bunch of white-colored violets within the brim and a savvy blue dress having a small white colored dot inside the print.

Her collars and cuffs were white organdy trimmed with lace including her neckline she got pinned a purple squirt of cloth violets containing a sachet. ” (369) O’Connor says the fact that reason for the grandmother’s correct dress was, “in case of an incident, anyone finding her dead while travelling would know at once that she was a female. “(369) The lady therefore see beyond her very own death, or at least foreshadowed that. It also reveals how she represents the properness and rich spiritual beliefs in the south. A different foreshadowing is usually portrayed if the family “passed by a cotton field with five or six penible fenced in the middle of it, just like a small island” (370).

It is far from an accident that there are five or six penible, which evidently matches the specific number of people in the car. Five people and the 6th is the baby. The baby is not exactly a full complete person, consequently the ambiguity of the number of graves. Flannery O’Connor uses foreshadowing to have the readers slight hints of what is to come, foretelling the grotesque fate from the family.

Declaration are made through titles, responses, clothes, and sites, setting the picture for surprising irony after in the family’s journey.

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