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This studies proposed to determine the effectiveness of e-commerce strategies in the current organization environment. Analysis will inform how e-commerce strategies play an important function for the firms to facilitate competitive advantage through this era of digital combat In today’s competitive business world, having an online presence much more important than ever before. This is particularly true in the event businesses wish to grow, extend their sales, and reach customers they might not have come to before. Online business sites allows businesses coming from all sizes to get to their target range of consumers without being physically present.

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Considering that the rise with the Internet in the mid to late nineties, companies have listed their products and services for sale on-line. People have captured on, and a lot of enjoy the rewards and simplicity of being able to browse for products about e-commerce market segments from the comfort that belongs to them homes. Essentially, ecommerce marketing has become crucial than ever for businesses to stay above water. In fact , businesses can lose customers or revenue simply by not retaining an online presence.

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Exploration Aim and Objectives:

The main purpose of this research is to identify how a e-commerce strategies are facilitating competitive advantages of the companies in the global competitive and digital business environment. In order to achieve this aim, the following aims will be accomplished: To evaluate the potency of e-commerce (Flipkart) strategies to make sure successful businesses To determine elements of web commerce strategies of Flipkart that makes it possible for competitive advantages To explore the problems associated with ecommerce strategies To determine the ways to remove issues and to increase relevance of e-commerce strategy (in context to Flipkart)

Extensive Research Style: –

The broad research style that I would love to employ can be mentioned as follows: – DISOVERY RESEARCH

The research i would like to execute is exploratory research?nternet site will acquire the data through the sample size as identified by myself. I will be examining a data arranged and will look to potential relationships between parameters defining the factors responsible for the effectiveness of Elizabeth commerce in current business scenario. I will be focusing on the quantitative aspect of the research and may start my own research simply by determining the various factors included in the pitch. However , I will also try to do a qualitative research to get my feuille The research design that will primarily employ can be:

Develop logical and execute literature review

Come up with research problem

Generate objective(s) and/or hypothesis

Apply method and conduct the study


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