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The poem titled “Futility” meaning uselessness or pointlessness. Owen is attempting to say this kind of war is the pointless battle. The military are ineffective that they’re dead. No matter how much the jewellry work, it shouldn’t worth it. The poem is definitely written in fourteen lines and split up into two poems. The two verses are compare each other. The first verse’s atmosphere is fairly, soft, tender and relaxing and the second verse’s ambiance sounds more desperate, frustrate, ridiculous and demanding to get something to occur.

In the first verse, three verbs that illustrate the actions of the Sunshine, move, carefully, and touch are quite gentle and young. These verbs describe the fact that sun maneuver softly, gently and touch the gift to wake him up. The sun below means sunlight that shines everyday to wake the man and at the same time it may well symbolize faith based. The sun that used to awaken him up and look after him. Really metaphor that the sun techniques the man in the light.

The next line of passage one, this mentioned the fact that soldier was at one time a player. The word whispering is onomatopoeia meaning the sunlight is whispering to the man about the memories the man used to have around the farm. 2 weeks . soft and tender plus pleading collectively. “Unsown” means that the field has not seeded but yet the sunlight is glowing now to notify the man that must be the beginning of the planting season at this point. In other meaning, the word unsown is metaphor that the gift is still as well young to allow them to join the war, as they haven’t begin their adult life yet.

The fourth and fifth lines, ‘Always it awoke him, even in France, until this morning which snow. ‘ The sun is a symbol of the warmth of life and the snow symbolizes the cold of fatality. The sun constantly arouses him everywhere also he’s in France yet this morning differs because snow has partly block the person so the gentleman wasn’t able to wake up. The term morning offers two distinct meaning. One is the everyday morning, which can be the beginning of your day and the second meaning discussing the word grieving. Owen can be mourning for the man that has die.

The final two distinctive line of the last two line, Owen is pleading to the almighty, please please if whatever can rouse him now please get it done and in the case only goodness who can do it. Only the older sun that used to be very kind can awaken him up now. The sun here is personified by mentioning the sun while old and kind. Through the whole verse Owen create the sound by using assonance of the duplication of “ow” sound in woke, unsown, snow, bring about, now and know.

Owen used an imperative verb, think, at the beginning of the second sentirse. It’s order the reader to consider and at the same time Owen also produce it sound more needy. He is eager to think about how the sun is going to wake the seeds. The seeds here give the picture of growth and nature and it symbolized the beginning of lifestyle. He is desperate to ask how goodness wakes the soldier that may be already died on the ground.

The third line of the second verse talk about the word “limbs”, it has two meaning. 1st a limb is a subset of a shrub, which fit in with the nature. Second meaning means the set of legs, arms and wings. Owen ensures that god make these characteristics and mankind. The line after this said “full-nerved, –still nice, — too hard to blend? ” Owen means that he still don’t understand how the sunshine gives existence to seeds, but not the warmness to these soldier.

The fifth range “Was that for this the clay grew tall? ” this consider the conflict. Clay can be mud and dirt comes from Globe. The clay grew tall; in this case the clay represented man. With this line Owen was asked what was this kind of war to get? Do we carry out all this to kill? Is why we all put him on this Earth? So what is definitely the point of life?

The past two lines “—O those that have made fatuous sunbeams toil to be able to Earth’s sleep at all? ” Owen ask this question starting with what made, this individual means precisely what is the point of sending unichip these men to the war and died generally there? It’s appears so ridiculous that the sunshine create lifestyle for these him and then but let them died with regret.

The first passage focuses after a dead enthusiast and second verse asked why direct sunlight is perfect at all. Why there is existence when there is such a suffering, Owen is trying to talk about if the sunshine can wake up life on Earth but so why can’t it wake up his soldier since what he thinks is that if anything could make the soldier it ought to be the sun.


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