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Gender Inequality, House Tax, People from france, French Wave

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Lists of Issues

On the “Excerpts from the 1789 French ‘Lists of Grievances: ‘” Choose one concern that shows up in more than one of the prospect lists reproduced in this article, and talk about how this issue helps us understand the mother nature of Aged Regime culture and/or economy. Be sure to provide the page figures for the grievances you discuss.

One of many themes that appear in many places in the list deals with equal rights. Not equality in the sense that all men are to be considered the same, but they should certainly contribute to the express in a consistent manner that is consistent for both the poor plus the people in privilege. For example , one of the grievances asks which the church no long have authority to tax randomly and the duty rate needs to be modeled following the Third Property (Beik, l. 46). It also seems that refreshments are taxed even though they are essential to a person’s livelihood. As a result if a person is so poor that they could not pay the tax to get water then this is a thing akin to a death phrase that is approved simply for becoming poor.

Addititionally there is mention of the clergy being treated as residents of the state rather than having a special situation in contemporary society that is exempt from taxation (Beik, p. 48). Therefore there is also a calling for even more equality in treatment whilst in the monetary concerns. There seems to become a sense that the different classes in society should be even more collaborative than divisive and promote as a responsibility by their regular membership in contemporary society in general than merely all their social class. There is also reference to the spending of local funds in the local residential areas to build careers and combat poverty which can be similar to many arguments that persist inside our modern society.

2) On the “Petition of Women towards the Third House to the Ruler: ” Discuss one or two ways that this request asks the King to cope with gender inequality under the Older Regime. In your view, can there be any paradox in an appeal to a ruler whose power is based simply on his “paternal” authority (Bossuet’s term)?

The petition takes up gender inequality from some different angles. The women in the Third House are virtually all born without any money or opportunity to support themselves and they are left with very few options anytime. The quite women have just as bad of a your life as the uglier types that are generally required to conduct tedious labor (Levy, Applewhite, Johnson). The pretty types are usually made their victim by their first seducer and also have little knowledge of the

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