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Stone Angel

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In The Natural stone Angel, Hagar Shipley, age group ninety, explains to the story of her life, and in accomplishing this tries to come to terms with how her personal characteristics deprived her of pleasure throughout her life. Raised with the strict virtues of her leader ancestors, bequeathed upon her through her father, Hagar becomes a tragic hero by using a life of uncompromising pride a pleasure which suffered her within a stormy marital life and which will overpowered her ability to confess that this lady has made blunders and finally contributing to her overall obduracy, pigheadedness and lack of ability to accomplish a nice, satisfying romance with any person in her life.

For Hagar Shipley, a female with great independence and dignity, surviving in a world of appearances was an intrinsic routine the girl endured day-to-day. Revealing emotion to others, even to her very own father, was something the girl sometimes wanted to do, however she merely was not able of doing so. The beliefs instilled upon her once she was a child had been those of showing strong and independent all the time, believing wholeheartedly that displaying any kind feelings was a signal of weak spot. Gainsay who have dare was the familys motto, and for somebody like Hagar to show feeling, she would need to had to have recently been dared. At some point, Hagars way to a difficult circumstance was to basically ignore it and conceal from her problems instead of dealing with these questions mature fashion. Unfortunately pertaining to Hagar, this approach eventually clogged everyone away of her life and she was unable to genuinely open up to anyone around her, ultimately introverting her life to ensure that she would not have to open up to anyone else.

Hagars matrimony to Bram was an utter failing, even through the very beginning and should have never taken place at all. With Hagar currently acting like she is trying to put on a show for everyone, having to constantly appropriate Brams usage of the British language merely worsened her state seeing that she was only damaging her very own pride once she would this. On the wedding night Bram gave Hagar a vase and said, This kind of heres for you, Hagar, (Pg. 51) while most people might have been overwhelmed with feelings from the kind offering, that they would not cared for how this individual said it, but Hagar is too focussed on Brams grammatical errors that she just units the vase aside and.. thought forget about about it. (Pg. 51) Yet , if Hagar would have paid attention to her daddy and married a man which has a higher sense of decency and communicated the same amount of pride while Hagar, the girl could have helped her personal situation by giving herself somebody which the girl could start to and relate to. Since birth Hagar has had no person there on her. Her mother dying when ever she came to be, her simply siblings had been two old brothers and Hagar was constantly wearing a show on her friends, thus there was nobody for her.

The stone angel can be Hagars mothers tombstone. Hagar describes it as the, first, the biggest, and certainly the costliest. The others as I recall, were a lesser breed completely, petty angels cherubim with pouting stone mouths (Pg. 4) Her pride is usually clearly demonstrated through this kind of description. The girl holds her family in the highest, and she makes this evident by calling others a lesser breed of dog. There are several various other examples of Hagars pride. The stone angel itself is usually symbolic than it. Hagar clearly makes the comparison herself when she details how she feels in the present: My bed is definitely cold while winter, and now it seems in my experience that I am lying as children i did so, on fields of snow, and they might spread their arms and weep them down to their sides, so when they flower there would be the outline of an angel, with spread wings. (Pg. 81) She feels like the angel, a monument symbolic to her satisfaction: a towering figure over others, a definite elite for the lesser breads. This is genuinely ironic as Hagar is not greater than anyone else, although simply a lower class girl, working with only her introvert pride.

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