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While i look over the theories we now have discussed within our text: functionalism, symbolic connection and discord, I think normally the one I relate with best is the conflict theorist. The turmoil theorist that we agree with the most is Harriet Martineau. The girl was a issue theorist the fact that book describes as, “Scholar Harriet Martineau (1803″1876), an English opponent of slavery and capitalism who have felt they oppressed women, children, and non-whites, converted the work of Comte and so people may understand the importance of his perspective (Adams & Sydie, 2001).

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Regarded as a radical in her day, her job was mainly dismissed simply by people in authority.  ( Vissing, 2011, chapter2 sect several para 13) There were various female activists who were lively early on during a call but they had been ignored right up until feminine activists brought that to the interest of the American public arena ( Vissing, 2011). She would best referred to as a discord theorist.

The conflict theory is defined as, “a theory that assumes the fact that institutions and interactions within just society promote inequality and competition, and when they are challenged, then beneficial social change can effect.

 ( Vissing, 2011) Our textual content states that Harriett Martineau was a womanly activist and in addition was an activist for youngsters and non-whites. Our world has changed considerably since the 1800’s and without persons like Mrs. Martineu, My spouse and i, as a female, would not have advantages I use today.

Things like voting, and equality in the work place include helped women and minorities task their perspective into the system we have today. These active supporters and workers stroved to get fair functioning laws which would continue to keep women in the 1800’s and early 1900’s from being mistreated and used. Also another importantthing the girly activists battled for was birth control and abortion while an option to females, in order that they may work or pursue personal goals and interests. The idea in conflict theory is that there has to be a challenge to the systemand the way in which things are to be able to activate modify, and from what we can tell in the past this has been an effective instrument in the slower processes of equality.

One more thing that Harriet Martineau did was take those works of Auguste Comte and put them into layman’s terms pertaining to the average person of the time could figure out. Auguste Comte’s beliefs had been that we should certainly look at observable facts in order to study contemporary society, not just the cultural philosophy. His idea of positivism retains that there is nothing at all that can not be accurately examined if the right methodology is required. If we try conscientiously enough by employing the scientific technique, most things could be studied and understood.  ( Vissing, 2011, chapter 1 section 3 para 3) Harriet Martineau applied this idea and used it towards the progression of equality for women children and non-whites.

In Harriet Martineau’s life your woman was brought up in a comfortable middle category family, and was denied some education because of her sex. The moment her daddy died the girl was faced with sever economical loss as well as for once sensed what it was just like to not have conveniences of a middle category family to cover in. She was interested to be wedded but her fiance fell ill and she was “saved coming from a wedded life. She was single throughout her lifestyle and deal with living and earning a living in a patriarchal world. She quickly was confront with some not comfortable things and rather than recognize them and conform she invoked modify within our culture by making the unemployed of women, children and nonwhites a popular problem that needed to be remedied. Martineau was a Unitarian in religion including first had a very strong spiritual viewpoint within the world and society.

(Hill, 1991).

There are plenty of things that I agree with Martineau on just like that all people should be cared for equal and fairly. Another of her main tips was that non-whites should be treated fairly device same respect and dignity that white wines were given. She also believed that ladies children and nonwhites will be able to vote to provide their voices some electricity and that they become offered the opportunity at education and possibilities for act as well and earn an income whichprovided them with feeling of flexibility and do it yourself sufficiency.

In the us we would certainly not be the culture were today with no activists just like Harriet Martineau. There would be not any women Entrepreneurs, we would have zero choice aside from abstinence in terms of birth control. Lots of women died because abortion was illegal and they sought backdoor clinics with home ways of there personal to eliminate themselves associated with an unwanted motherhood. Another important issue that was resolved as a result of activists starting equality in our culture not merely for every white man however for every person no matter race, gender, age or perhaps religoud preferences. Today we are treated the same in most instances and when not the issue is usally irradicated quickly.

I believe the conflict theorist experienced the right thought, without conflict or variations in the way world is manage there will be you do not need change. If there is someone who is like things need to be changed we need to bring that issue to folks and make it known because not all inequalities will be suffered by same persons and if you do not have been never been treatedunfairly then you learn how it feels never to be able to take action or claim something justbecause of whom you are not the things you have done. Each of our merits should be what we are judged on and not in what someone stereotypes us to be. We have made a considerable improvement as a lifestyle but as very long as we have a society we will always have some form of deal with on our hands to make certain equality to get allpeople, and it seems in my opinion that the conflict theory is the foremost way to do this kind of.


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