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Instructions: This case should be done individually. You must prepare a drafted analysis, and hand in two copies of your analysis about April 12 in class. Just hard copies of the case research are accepted. I will fill in one of the clones to the Dean’s office to get assessment purpose. Each college student should also take his/her own copy with the write-up to class, plus the case on its own, so that we can refer to the specifics in our discussion. The written text analysis of the case must be about approximately for five pages (double-spaced).

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You should down load the exceed spreadsheet pertaining to the case on the Blackboard, full the quantitative analysis making use of the spreadsheet, and attach the spreadsheet to your case post to support the arguments.

Your write-up should start with a position paragraph that defines the key problem in the case and your recommended solution. The remaining of your daily news should support your conclusion and recommendations. This support should be depending on your definition of the problem and inferences that you just draw from the reality of the case.

Structure is important for your discussion to be articulate and transparent.

The grading will be based around the quality of your analysis and writing. Points will be deducted for grammar mistakes and typos.

Your case should certainly address the next questions:

1 . What gives rise to the currency exposure in AIFS?

installment payments on your What happens if Archer-Lock and Tabaczynski did not hedge at all?

several. What would happen with a fully hedge with forwards? A 100% hedge withoptions? Utilize the forecast last sales amount of 25, 500 and assess the feasible outcomes relative to the “zero impact situation described in the case.

4. What happens if revenue volumes happen to be lower or higher than expected as discussed at the end of the case?

5. What hedging decision would you endorse?

Key Difficulty

The American Institute pertaining to Foreign Studies (AIFS) organizes study in foreign countries programs and cultural exchanges for American students. The firm’s earnings are mainly in U. T. dollars, nevertheless most of its costs are in euros. AIFS sets guaranteed prices for its exchanges and trips a year in advance, before it is final sales figures are known. In case the dollar depreciates against the European during this period, AIFS’s cost will be higher when ever measuring in dollars, and negatively influence the business’s profit. To be able to hedge it is foreign exchange direct exposure, AIFS are able to use an appropriate equilibrium between forward contracts and currency choices to achieve the target.

The Case with No Hedging

In the event the exchange charge remains regular at $1. 22/euros then simply AIFS is not going to incur a foreign exchange reduction or a gain. It would expense $1220 every participant only at that exchange charge. If the dollars depreciates against euro, the actual dollar costs would be over $1220, and after that there would be a negative impact. In the event actual buck costs were lower than predicted, the impact can be positive. Hence, with a product sales volume of twenty-five, 000 members and the exchange rate goes up to $1. 48/euros then simply AIFS will be subject to a loss of $4, 391, 892. If the exchange rate drops to $1. 01/euros then simply AIFS will save $5, 198, 020.

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