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Mental Disorders

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First Task

Option 1 – Views on Emotional Disorder

Medical Perspective: Web page:

The medical perspective on mental disorders suggests that abnormal behavior may have a root physiological cause. Physical causes of unusual behavior include chemical unbalances or head injuries. Changes in brain biochemistry can affect a mood and personality which is often seen as a regarding mental disorder. Causes of mind chemistry improvements include viruses, toxins, or perhaps brain damage. Brain tumors are a good sort of a condition that may disrupt chemical production and neurotransmitters which could result in behavior that is certainly out of the ordinary for your patient. The medical perspective is valid and useful as abnormal behavior can be diagnosed and treated through medical assessment.

Sociocultural point of view: Webpage:

The sociocultural perspective highlights the effect that social circumstance has on tendencies and perceptions toward habit. From this standpoint, a particular patterns could be seen as “normal” within just one cultural group and “abnormal” in another. The cultural setting can be considered one that not only supports or accepts particular behavior, which may be seen as unnatural outside the social context, but may educate them or perhaps pass these people down to more youthful members. The context can include economic, interpersonal, or ethnic factors. This kind of perspective is usually supported by analysis. For example , studies have noted increased events of mental illness amongst impoverish communities. Another model includes a increased rate of mental illness, such as depressive disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, between groups of folks who experience incredibly stressful situations such as lack of employment, natural tragedy, or conflict.

Option 2 – How will you know you are usual?

Szasz theory: The Myth of Mental Illness


Thomas Szasz purports that contemporary beliefs about mental illness are fundamentally mistaken in that they are really based on the concept mental illness is a disorder of the anxious system or perhaps can be explained as a “disease. ” Contrastly, Szasz believed that “mental illness” is not an “illness” at all but simply odd behavior. The distinction this individual makes can be between “having a disease” and “doing” something that is known as by world as odd or odd. For him a person who exhibits odd tendencies does not necessarily have nearly anything wrong with his/her mental abilities.

The Rosenhan exploration: Webpage:

Psychologist David Rosenhan executed research, entitled, “On Getting Sane in Insane Places, ” in 1973 that looked into the validity of psychiatric analysis. The research was conducted within a two parts. The initial part engaged the admission of healthful “pseudo-patients” into mental private hospitals who were wrongly diagnosed as having ongoing mental illness. Plus the second part included an exercise that resulted in mental well being workers misidentifying ill patients as “healthy” ones. Ending the study, Rosenhan believed that sane individuals could not become distinguished from the

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