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Center of Night

The Second to Last Section of “Heart of Darkness”

The second to last paragraph of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” offers the ultimate paradox of the novella – the so-called “civilized” world, showed by Kurtz’s Intended, does not have any idea of the “horror” that lies at the heart of guy, when he gives himself to his savage impulses.

Marlowe travels to pay his respects towards the Intended and she, in her naivete asks Marlowe about Kurtz and how this individual died. Marlowe expresses his opinion previously in words and phrases to the effect that Kurtz got what he well deserved – however the full meaning and relevance of this manifestation is shed on the Meant, who remembers Kurtz fondly. She would not really recognize the person that Marlowe met deep in the cardiovascular of Africa.

She begs Marlowe to share with her Kurtz’s last words. Those previous words – “The horror! The horror! ” – he simply cannot say, as they hasn’t the heart to shatter her perfect placid worldview. This individual lies and tells her that Kurtz uttered her name together with his last about to die breath.

The paragraph begins with her reaction to this false statement by Marlowe. The Intended sighs and says that she “knew it”! Marlowe ironically echoes her surety – nearly mockingly – to him self. She has no idea of the revelation that Kurtz has been to him – a revelation with the awful fall season that guy can go through when he gives up his most gracious parts. By simply denying the fall, Marlowe is question the truth, through denying the fact he anxieties he offers denied Paradise its due, and thus he expects the heavens to fall on his head.

But nothing happens, when he himself quite candidly admits. And then he admits that with satrical dispassion: “The heavens usually do not fall for this kind of a trifle, ” contradicting the immense passion this individual felt within himself as he hid the fact from the Intended. Marlowe is a realist, yet he is sympathetic to the Intimate, which is why this individual lies in this article. Yet in his sympathy he is both irritated and bored with himself. This individual considers the revulsion this individual felt with this girl’s obvious out-of-touchness to become trifle, mainly because it was anything but. The depth of his feeling was obviously a reflection from the vision of Hell he previously seen in Kurtz. It was that vision that he would like to provide the girl – an epiphany of apprehension to shatter her quaint, placid, self-satisfied “love. inches

And how come Marlowe rest? Why does this individual not render Kurtz the “justice that was his due? inch The answer is that he himself cannot quite stomach the darkness of the vision. “It would have been too dark – too dark altogether” But that was the point, after all! The point of the complete story is that there is a darkness within the man spirit that needs to be acknowledged because if it will go unannounced, unperceived, it can develop and overwhelm one if he least needs it. Except if he is upon guard and fights against it, the darkness is going to swallow everything like the new world swallows

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