Heroin craving from the interpersonal worker point

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Substance Abuse, Human Determination, Addiction, Heroin

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The strength-based perspective is definitely rooted inside the idea that individuals have advantages and assets that can be used to assist them within their recovery procedure (Climie Mastoras, 2015). The idea behind this approach stems from idea that human beings are resistant and capable of self-determination. According to Maslows (1943) theory of human determination and the pecking order of requirements model that he proposed, individuals can attain a top quality of self-actualization so long as they have their lower level needs met firstsuch as food, shield, security, appreciate, friendship and esteem. All these lower level demands provides a support for anybody as he or she climbs up the ladder of advancement towards self-determination. This paper will take a look at the issue of heroin addiction and have absolutely how a sociable worker can easily apply the strength-based point of view to help the heroin addict deal with and overcome the addiction.

The Strength-Based Point of view

Part of the way that a interpersonal worker may help a heroin addict deal with the dependency is to give attention to the resources accessible to the abuser and find ways that these can function as supports. The Center for Drug abuse Treatment (CSAT, 1998) demonstrated that the strength-based approach have been used in helping drug addicts before for a variety of reasonsnot just for its focus on resource purchase but as well because it will help clients see their own possessions as a beneficial part of restoration. For a cultural worker, the strength-based point of view offers a series of steps to adhere to when supporting in the treatment process for a heroin addict.

The strength-based perspective originated from the School of Kansas School of Social Well being. The aim of the perspective was to help social staff assist persons suffering from mental illness maneuver from institutional care to autonomous living (CSAT, 1998). The perspective engraves two rules: (1) rendering clients support for asserting direct control of their seek out resources, just like housing and employment, and (2) analyzing clients individual strengths and assets because the vehicle pertaining to resource acquisition (CSAT, 1998). These two rules can be used by the sociable worker when ever assisting the heroin should be.

Heroin Craving

Heroin craving is a specifically strong dependency that can be very difficult for users to break. The goal to get a social worker is to turn the challenge of breaking the craving into a chance for the individual to develop a new course. Just as a firm will execute a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) research before making a conclusion about its future, the social worker can assist the addict conduct a SWOT analysis of his / her own life.

Addiction is known as a major some weakness, and heroin addiction is one of the worst. Beating this craving depends on more

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