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As much historians confess, his abilities in debate and rhetoric were instrumental in getting the Declaration accepted by the American people. As i have said, this was not always easy, as there was many who were opposed and several leaders possibly threatened that “… their particular states will secede from your fragile union if freedom were announced. Leaders from the Congress, such as Adams, chanced being accomplished as traitors to the Crown” (Leopold).

Bottom line

It is quite possibly more right when evaluating Adams as an individual to state that he was “… respected but not popular… ” (John Adams: biography) However he’s regarded as one of many founding fathers of the United States, in whose contribution for the reception and drafting of the Declaration of Independence was extremely significant, as would be his contribution as the 2nd president with the country. (the Religious Holding of Second U. T. President Ruben Adams) because David McCullough states; “He was a living embodiment of recent England virtues and idiosyncrasies, a brilliant attorney, and a determined patriot. Stubbornly independent of nature, his strenuous conscience was truly his guide” (McCullough). Historically much can be said regarding Adams, the two positive and negative. His character is often described as becoming overly careful and vain. In the end these slight flaws are of little significance and history allows that he played an excellent part in the freedom and independence of America. It should also be kept in mind that his contribution to the country travelled beyond the Declaration of Independence. “Adams’ dedication to his region never wavered. In being successful years he’d serve, with varying degrees of success, since diplomat, delegate, vice president, and president” (Leopold).


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