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Excerpt from Research Proposal:

(High-Risk Pregnancy). Undoubtedly that HELPS is a all over the world problem, that is why it has been called a pandemic. It is estimated that in the time that the disease has become recorded huge numbers of people have perished ( HIV / AIDS). There are regular efforts to look for scientific way of combating this disease. By way of example in 1983 the 1st blood test out to detect exposure to HIV was developed by Dr . Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo (HIV / AIDS).

Currently there is no shot for the virus with out known treatment. Nevertheless, technology has made significant advances and various combinations of drugs have been completely developed and used which in turn successfully remise the improvement of the disease and enhances the life quality of the sufferers. These include protease inhibitors, which can be “effective in interfering with reproduction with the virus and limiting the “viral load” or amount of virus in an infected individual’s body” ( HIV / AIDS).

One of many problems with assists is that it is a relatively new virus, which makes it hard to combat with regards to the data and information and data about it ( Confronting AIDS: Guidelines for Public Health, Health Care, and Research p. 85). One more issue that inhibits efforts to find a cure for the disease is that it truly is socially detested in many countries and has a sociable stigma placed on it. This kind of also makes reportage in the disease really difficult and problematic, as much people with HIV do not record the fact. This also remise data collection and scientific analysis inside the hope of finding a solution towards the disease (Confronting AIDS: Guidelines for Public welfare, Health Care, and Research p. 96).

Therefore has determined many countries to promote large-scale public education programs in the attempt to instruct people about the disease and also to remove the judgment that is attached to it (Confronting AIDS: Guidelines for Public well-being, Health Care, and Research p. 96). This is especially the case in African countries and a great amount of success inside the reduction with the incidence of aids has been reported in countries just like Nigeria. We have a growing opinion that open public education regarding the way that HIV can be transmitted happen to be vital in the battle against this deadly disease.

Contemporary exploration however has made headway in the fight against HIV as well as AIDS. Experts have been able to make improvement in terms of the understanding of the genetic structure and tranny of the disease – although not enough is yet well-known about how the virus initiates and retains the infection in the body (Confronting AIDS: Directions to get Public Health, Health Care, and Study p. 177). Much more specific research into this disease and the approach that it adversely affects a persons immune system is going to therefore always be necessary in order to bring this kind of disease manageable.


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