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In Dead man’s path, we have a new headmaster who is knowledgeable and over ambitious and desires to turn his under-achieving institution into a modern day, top quality organization. He says “everything shall be simply modern and delightful”. There exists an old route that the villagers use to talk to spirits and for infants to enter the world which the headmaster closes mainly because it runs through his university. He is not willing to allow the villagers to work with the path and he is thoughtless about their morals.

This is shown when he says “we are not able to allow people to make a highway of our school compound”. He is patronising and doesn’t care about how other people truly feel as he says “the complete purpose of the school is always to eradicate these kinds of beliefs”. Whereas the villagers try to bargain and they are even more understanding.

This is certainly shown when the village main says “what you declare may be the case, but we all follow the techniques of our fathers”. The writer shows a clash of cultures because there is a young, modern and complex headmaster who also disregards traditional beliefs and there are traditional villagers who depend on the path to get religious traditions. When a woman dies in child birth, the villagers believe that the state of mind are furious.

This is shown when it says “heavy sacrifices were prescribed to propitiate ancestors insulted by the fence”. They fault the headmaster for final the path, therefore they vandalise the school substance. This is proven when it says “flowers were trampled to death, and one of the institution buildings had been pulled down”. The article writer also reveals a clash of civilizations when there exists a white director who involves inspect the college.

This is because he’s shown to be very important and superior to the dark Africans who also do the work for the white people who consequently make the earnings. This is demonstrated when it says “the white colored supervisor came to inspect the college and wrote a nasty statement of the express of the areas and of the tribal-war circumstance developing between school as well as the village. ” In The Train from Rhodesia, there is a train which prevents briefly in a small station in the desert. There are a few very poor persons living close to the station plus they rely on the visitors through the train to acquire there goods, so they can make a living.

They are proved to be very poor since it says the kids walk barefoot and live in mud huts. This is demonstrated because it says “the stationmaster’s barefoot children wandered over from the greyish mud huts. ” They also don’t appear have enough foodstuff, because their very own animals happen to be skinny and bony. This is shown because it says “chickens and dogs with their skins stretched just like parchment more than their bones. ” If the train makes the station, all the villagers waste almost no time, to sell their goods towards the tourists.

This is shown since it says “all up and down the length of the coach in the dust the artists jumped, walking twisted to exhibit the fantasy placed towards the faces on the coach. ” This shows just how much the villagers depend on the train. A new lady notices a solid wood lion designed with incredible detail, and appears very realistic. This is shown when it says “a big cat, carved out of smooth dry solid wood with impressionistic detail. ” The lady’s husband offers with the old guy selling the lion and buys this for reduced than having been asking for, as the educate was about to travel.

The dude is disappointed with her husband for purchasing the big cat at this kind of a low value. This is because states “why didn’t you pay it off? Why did you have to await him to perform after the coach with that and give him one-and-six?

One-and-six! The copy writer shows a clash of cultures as the villagers are shown to be inadequate and based upon the train and also plead for money. This is shown since it says “give me any amount of money, said the ones with not sell. ” The villagers are desperate.

This is certainly shown if the old man determines to sell his lion for one-and-six. It says “questioning for the last time at the widows, here one-and-six baas! ” whereas the individuals in the educate are very well away compared to the villagers and to these people the cost of the villagers items is not significant and discount for fun, however the villagers will be dependant on nearly anything they can receive. This is shown when the child says “I was arguing for fun, when the train pulled out, he came tearing after…one-and-six”.

The dude realises how well off she is and feels the shame of purchasing the lion for one-and-six. This is displayed when it says “To offer one-and-six for that, she sat there, sick, and the temperature of disgrace mounted through her lower limbs and body. ”

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