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Occupy Stock market

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Evaluation of Occupy Wall Street plus the Success of Their Goals

Before analyzing whether Take up Wall Street succeeded at all their goals, it is best to first arrive to an contract as to what all their goal actually was. The Occupy Wall Street movement was an example of direct action resistant to the perceived data corruption of financial organizations. People were annoyed that the politicians they chosen were not properly taking on corporate interests: actually most of them had been taking funds from the same corporations OWS was protesting. Many found believe that modify could not happen in the electoral system and decided to have matters into their own hands. “The Meaning of Occupy” mentioned particular Occupy groups that experienced goals of implementing more regulations. Other folks had a loftier goal: to “smash the state” and rid the country of capitalism entirely.

The Occupy movement shed steam for the same reasons a large number of far-left teams splinter: small disagreements in ideology forced people aside. Occupiers originated from many ideologies, some were social democrats who believe the existence of capitalism can be continual as long as restrictions were set up, others were socialists who believed in requisitioning the way of production, others were anarcho-communists who believed in the damage of pecking order entirely, unique from the condition or from corporations. Within the anarchist camp, there were arguments on how to get to their aim of a stateless society (individualism, syndicalism, collectivism, etc . ). Between the anarchists and those whom believe modify could come from within the Condition, both groupings saw one another as naïve and these kinds of disagreements divided the motion. However , Occupiers shared one particular common fascination: to engage the corporations through direct actions that they experienced were hurting working people.

There is a difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, though they sometimes are compared. The Tea Get together had a up and down leadership composition, clear, identified, goals, massive funding from the organizations that formed the Tea Party, and any in electoral politics. Occupy Wall Street had a horizontal command structure (decisions were made by consensus) with only one common interest (opposition to monetary institutions) instead of common desired goals. They did not have, nor always need, large funding, and they had not any interest in electoral politics. The Tea Get together was seen as a legitimate motion because it was endorsed simply by politicians and corporations, as the Occupy Stock market movement was often viewed as criminal by mainstream.

Did the Occupy motion fail? Yes, they did. As the Occupy movements did provide an opportunity for many who felt disloyal by the personal system to engage in direct action, the failure to unite triggered many to get rid of interest in the movement. It truly is much more difficult to unite significantly left ideologies than far right ideologies. Right wing ideologies are often grounded by flag, Scriptures, and funds. Far remaining ideologies often reject all three, leaving even more room for disagreement. If the movement including Occupy Wall Street is to achieve the future, they should have a common goal in mind rather than just a common curiosity.

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