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In Bob Heath’s story “18 Tigers, 17 Elephants, 8 Carries, 3 Cougars, 2 Baby wolves, 1 Baboon, 1 Macaque, and 1 Man Lifeless in Kansas, the idea he uses to get his ideas across can be Point of view. Through point of view Heath explains we should not retain wild animals and treat these people as pet, they should be inside the zoo in which they can receive the proper care they want. This incident came to a halt. once all the pets or animals had to be deposit, because of a single man who had been suffering with depression made a negative decision to consider his lifestyle. He do this to be able to punish his wife pertaining to cheating about him, but little did he understand that it would include a rippling effect. What started this kind of sequel of events was his despression symptoms. Health declares “.. son remained stuck in the bayart. From there, looking through a north-facing window, this individual watched the menagerie grow” (Heath 149).

This kind of affect not only prevented a mentally distressed man to miss out on a chance of getting the help he needed but the pets had to undergo a the at the side of humans. It all will depend on how you see this account the pets were deposit to prevent these people from performing harm to any person in the community although lost their lives. Pets or animals suffering at the hands of humans is definitely when the big issue when morality comes up. Heath states that “Only when you slip up and down these types of slippery meaningful slopes can you see how easier it is for all of these owners to believe they can be acting with kindness to animals that they love, and that their take pleasure in is upon some level reciprocated. inch (Heath 162) Just like in heath tale, morals arise again in Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s story “School of Hate”.

In “School of Hate” Erderly’s motif revolves around a large number of differnt themes such as, lovato of LGBTQ students although more so around the outcomes when intervention is definitely taken shield LGBTQ kids. Erderly says “By age group thirteen, she’d been teased and taunged as a “cunt” and “cock muncher” well before such terms had produced much perception. When she told administrators about the abuse, these people were strangely unresponsive, even though bullying was a subject matter often talked about in school-board meetings” (254). There were so many different regulations and policies that prevented professors from intervening. School of hate as well touches the topic of different faiths Whether you are for this or against also will may play a role in how you interpret the reading. If you do not agree with LGBTQ people a few may veiw this to be sinful or perhaps mentally ill which is why a few may find it bazarre that some of these LGBTQ students had taken thire own life. While individuals who truly support LGBTQ students choice would not simply sympatize with them support establish laws and regulations that safe place in which they can proceed and talk about their worries and issues without turning to suicide. even more with a LGBTQ student who is being teased and had zero support.

The out come can be grim. Erderly states that “There was another prevalent thread: Several of the eight dead were either homosexual or regarded as such simply by other children, and had been reportedly bullied” ( 256). This estimate from the story makes you question in the LGBTQ students commited suicide as a result of many they were seen in the community or was it simply due to thier sextual orientation.

I think the true secret that taken the induce in this account was the moment Erderly states “The next theme is definitely discrimination, an example of that is: “When Christian activists who regarded gays a great abomination compelled a evaluate through the college board forbidding the discussion of homosexuality in the district’s community schools, youngsters like Andy were unknowingly thrust into the heart of any clash that was about to become intertwined with tragedy” (Erdley 253) Although these documents had some things in common and we can clearly see the picture the writers painted for his or her readers equally take a different spin on issues that entail how a single choice can have a harmful and a dangerous effect on others around all of us.

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