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In Fjallraven Canada we are just not concerned about product sales. We are all about making long term relations with this customers. That is why we want that whenever you purchase anything coming from us be it garments or gear, they will last you a long time. We know that you cherish your Fjallraven coat or camping tent because they are not simply any items, they have followed you to a large number of adventures and are part of your happy memories. This is why we feel that they must be taken care of in such a way that they assist you to form thoughts forever.

Although all our products are designed with utmost care and possess the best standards, as time passes they may demonstrate some indications of wear and tear. You might witness buttons getting lost or zips having stuck. One option should be to visit each of our Fjallraven Canada stores pertaining to repairs even as do offer a small repair assistance but the right formula is to know a basic knowledge of maintaining the own equipment. Let us let you know how you can achieve that.

Pertaining to washing uses, the eules is to not wash your garments or gear needlessly. Always try to wash only the dirty areas with mild soap and warm water simply by hands. Try to avoid machine cleansing as it can cause wear and tear of your garments and gears and make them susceptible to tearing. To your eco cover or efficiency garments, you can use a washer but really better to keep your water temperature at 30 C. Remember to not use a cloth softener. You can utilize tumble drying out on a low heat for your dry down gear to restore its fluffiness, but for the rest of your possessions hanging these people up for shoqing is the best approach to preserve their life.

Washing the tent is additionally only necessary when you have recently been out on long excursions. Do not use a washing machine rather hands washing is definitely the way to go. Let your tent dried out fully prior to storing that as it can lead to growth of mould and bacterias. Your ecosystem shell clothing will need DWR (durable normal water repellent) as time passes. When you notice that the water can be seeping in, use a DWR spray available at our shop to re -waterproof that. The process is fairly simple. Hang your clothing or lay it smooth on a surface area and aerosol evenly within the whole clothing. You can use a sponge to spread that in hard to reach areas. Finally allow it get dried. And bam! It’s completed.

Safe-keeping of your garments and gear is additionally very important. Should you be not utilizing your garments or perhaps gear pertaining to an extended period of time, store these questions dry, well ventilated place. Direct sunlight and heat can cause great damage as well as wet or overloaded spaces therefore make sure your clothes are protected out of this. If you happen to detect any holes or openings in your garments or equipment, it’s not really a panic condition. There are now plenty of repair packages in the market for repairing holes and you may do fix them quickly at home. With a of our items like straight down jackets, we can provide the spot material. Make an effort to repair holes as soon as you observe them in any other case they can increase and they exist. So there you have it, our fundamental guidelines on how to take care of your garments and kit. Be sure to adhere to them and rest assured that with proper care, whatever you buy from our Fjallraven Canada retailers will last you for ages.

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