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Since occasions immemorial, researchers have developed thousands of technologies. Among them, television set, wheel, cellular phone and laptop have been of utmost benefit to us and also have left a substantial impact on all of us.

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These have entirely revolutionized communication tactics, travelling methods and other aspects of human your life. Today, our lives are much more cozier and technical when compared with those in primitive instances. Before talking about the future, let us recount the different innovative scientific wonders with the past which includes made existence today thus comfortable.

As stated above, the steering wheel is considered to be the highest invention until date. How come? Can it be considered as technology? The answer is absolutely yes. Easilly defined, technology is actually a man’s creation which can be executed to make tasks easier.

Imagine a world today without wheels! No vehicles and cycles to zap us around places, no conveyer devices in factories(resulting in hefty manual labour). Even to draw normal water out of the wells in some of the houses (we use pulleys which is based on the wheel) would be a huge task. Hard to imagine right? Communication technology is another key technological advantage (bane in an exceedingly few ways).

Remember the time of our ancestors and forefathers where delivery of words would take weeks, a few months even! Or perhaps before that, where messengers would travelling on foot to convey messages. And after this, where on the press on the monitor, any person from this whole vast world can be contacted. Within a jiffy! Fine moving on.

The world is so very much advanced in technology since it is. Is there scope for more growth in future? Certainly there is! There is virtually no limit to improvement.

So , what does the future hold for us inside the technological feature? I dare say anything because like i said, there is no bounds within which technology can constrict itself. Currently we have numerous technological gadgets that are a blessing to the people.

The bionic limbs which will make the disabled as able as normal people. The time is not far where man-made life can be created. Automated programs helping the blind discover, helping the lame to walk certainly will not be merely fiction in a few decades by now. Net will find also larger app in future.

I realize advancement in our economical & social lifestyle. It’s fair to imagine as technology continues to speed up, we can expect dramatic changes in the years and many years ahead. Just about everyone has come for taking rapid technological improvement inside the products and services we use with no consideration. But when technology has a broader impact on society and on our economy.

In following 5-10 12 months there will be a big change in our earning style; in which e-business might be a major part of the jobs. Persons will be making 30-100% with their income from online. These are not really my stats but via trusted resources from the economic analysts from leading institutes. Declaring this, it can be apparent that technological progression has become a advantage to all of us.

Or, HAS IT? Is there a turn side for this that can influence us in an undesirable approach? If you question me, technology is a teo-edged sword to a certain extent. It has their cons.

There are so many crimes going on these days. Several on this sort of a large size which is challenging to imagine. Technology has played a role with this aspect too.

Internet crimes are increasing at an worrying rate. Thieves are making use of high-tech tools to break in, bank accounts happen to be being hacked, people are becoming deceived on the web and the list goes on. This kind of precisely can be where the line should be sketched when it comes to technology. We should use it properly and with good intentions. Intended for the good in the people.

The virtually no end key phrase holds very good here as well. When, presently times there may be such improper use of technology, imagine what would happen down the road if certainly not used properly? So there are no restrictions for the cons of technology also. Coming to what should India do to settle ahead. India has a low GDP and it is not a world leader in terms of technology (though that is definitely up there).

To receive decent degrees, its pupils abroad the place that the degrees will be reputable and valuable. To reach the top, I do think there is a important lesson which is often learned from a region inside our own nation; Kerala. The GDP of Kerala is definitely six instances the countrywide average, and so they’re obviously doing something right.

In Kerala, that they encourage the education of women and gives better free of charge healthcare and family organizing. To improve all their situation, India should likely reproduce this model across the country. Of course , there are other ways in which they will could increase their GDP/capita, yet this is probably the most appropriate. You’re almost certainly wondering what that has to perform with technology. I believe that if the GDP/capita increases completely, there will be more interest in high-tech industry and consequently there will be even more technological improvement in India.

This will encourage few of the players in the technology field coming from India to strive to much better than the additional. The immediate result of this will be India climbing two more steps of the technical ladder. India should also improve the standards from the technical education being imparted in ALL ACADAMIES. Not only the IIT’s, NIT’s and IISc’s.

The base for technical must be standardised. The scholars should be convinced that the education they will enter india is usually on par with international universities wth a high standing. The flourishing engineers should be lured to work in india for the betterment in the country instead of loosing those to foreign lands. These are simply few ways in which india can try and always be ahead in the game. Much more less complicated things like gratitude for the innovative thoughts that are working away at technolgy can function wonders.

Not merely the government, yet every citizen of india has a fair portion to contribute in assisting india as the world leader in technology. Therefore lets carry out our little.

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