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1 . The origins in the majority of individual existence in North America began with migrations from Eurasia over the Bering Strait.

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2 . The first truly complicated society inside the Americas is that of the Olmec.

3. Cahokia was a large trading center located around what present-day city? St Louis.

four. The gardening practices of pre-Columbian tribes in the Northeast were characterized by a rapid fermage of the terrain.

5. The preeminent European maritime electric power in the 15th century was Portugal.

six. Christopher Columbusthought the world was much smaller than it was in reality.

six. Amerigo Vespuccihelped popularize the concept the Americas were new continents.

almost 8. What Western european explorer provided the Pacific Ocean its name?

Ferdinand Magellan

9. Encomienda wasthe directly to exact tribute and labor from residents.

10. The first long lasting Spanish pay out in what is currently the United States was St . Augustine.

11. In what way did sixteenth-century Europeans benefit from trade between the Americas and Europe? Numerous new crops became available in Europe.

12. Which of the following had not been introduced simply by Europeans towards the New World? Corn.

13. The portion of west Africa that provided the majority of slaves intended for the Spanish Empire from the sixteenth 100 years had well-developed economies and political systems. 14. Africa and American Indian societies tended to be matrilineal, which means that persons traced their particular heredity through their moms.

15. In the fifteenth century, slavery in Africagenerally allowed certain legal protections towards the enslaved.

of sixteen. The European countries that managed the Africa slave operate did so in which chronological order, from earliest to most recent? the Costa da prata, the Nederlander, the British

17. What condition in England in the sixteenth century presented an incentive to get colonization? The availability of farmland was decreasing, while the inhabitants was growing.

18. How can were Martin Luther and John Calvin important to British Puritans? Luther and Calvin advocated concepts of religious reform that affected Puritan believed.

19. The teachings of John Calvinproduced a strong desire among his followers to acquire lives that were virtuous.

twenty. The British Reformation resulted froma political dispute among King Holly VIII and the Catholic House of worship.

21. The English determined from their impérialiste experiences in Ireland that English settlers should keep a strict separation from your indigenous population.

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