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Work groups help members to feel that they will belong to a bunch that is one of a kind and valuable to be in. the group belief it can perform very well as a team and be more effective than when they are separate. The teams develop positive attitude and good behavior which help those to trust the other person as they continue contributing to the group. They ability to deal with challenge is usually strengthened and the group seems safe and is also able to explore and employ their best skill and work to obtain job well done.

The ideas and opinions of group members will be appreciated and they understand and respect the qualities that will make each one of all of them unique from your others to be able to understand what each one of them is supposed to do. WAYS WORK ORGANIZATIONS ARE RELATED TO ORGANIZATION OUTCOME The resources offered are used effectively without wastage of one. Time is used well to complete the responsibilities allocated to group members as well as the budget established is very well utilized to stability the salary and costs of the organization.

There is improved productivity and less supervision of employees and employees are motivated to execute activities that lead to success with the organization. IMPACT OF MANAGING PHILOSOPHY ON HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Administration philosophy helps to simplify activities which results to better performance since when the operate to be done is simple, workers will be able to get it done well and fast bringing about high creation. Costs decrease in the purchase of raw materials and payment of workers including the end of it all, profits margins will be excessive because earnings generated will probably be higher than the expense incurred in production.

The fundamental skills help employees to perform the job very well and help to make contribution towards the department they are really assigned to work in because they will know what they are anticipated to do and do it flawlessly. Employees will likely have the total potential and are also equipped to handle changing require in the organization. Good communication skills assist to maintain basic safety in the place of work and serve customers very well.

Employees are motivated and therefore are satisfied with the work and problems are solved which results to development in the corporation. REFERENCE Odiorne George; Strategic Management of Human resource; Jossey-Bass, 1984.

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