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The Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, provides the north-central part of Tennessee and south-central part of Kentucky, with office buildings in Clarksville, Tennessee. The firm was established on Christian principles, focusing on helping individuals through their particular greatest times of need, in 1984.

The company handles a variety of types of cases, which include personal injury, court, bankruptcy, divorce, and custody matters in state, federal government, and armed service courts. Kevin C. Kennedy is the founding affiliate and managing partner, though practices and it is still mixed up in firm’s procedures. There are 3 office places across the metropolis; with a key office by the county court hosue, another business office close to Fort Campbell’s entrance, and the last location provides a location nearer to individuals around the northeastern part of town.

Mission The Kennedy Law Firm’s main quest is to be that rock in times of trouble by providing quality legal services and support to people dealing with divorce, a great arrest, personal injury or bankruptcy (Google+, 2015). The company seeks to supply its companies based on Christian ideals, which the founding spouse pursues by actively playing numerous community events. School by Fort Campbell is usually even getting used by a chapel for companies and other group meetings. Mr.

Kennedy does not cover his determination to God, and he boldly proclaims his sights in advertising and marketing and other relationships. The firm meets this mission simply by opening at 7: 00 AM Wednesday through Fri, staying available until 6: 00 PM Monday through Thursday, and being available on Saturdays from almost eight: 00 ARE to 5: 00 PM. There isn’t one other organization in the Clarksville area which includes hours which are as accommodating to their customer base. Mr. Kennedy even stimulates his legal professionals to schedule appointments outside those hours, should it be something that the customer should get the legal service wanted.

Customers The Kennedy Law Firm’s external customer base consists of individuals via all areas, from rich to poor, Christian to nonbeliever, and any and all race or ethnicity. Virtually any individual may land victim for the perils of a legal battle, therefore the firm’s consumers cannot be labeled as dropping within any particular type or category. Internally, the firm’s customers are made up of the attorneys. The paralegals, assistants, and other support staff must be sure that the work they are performing meets the needs and wants of the attorneys. Furthermore, the lawyers must work harder to meet the high requirements for a Christian organization, while set by the managing spouse.

Value Since an attorney to get the organization, I give legal providers for the purchasers that walk through the door. More specifically, I am one of only a couple of attorneys which have committed to remain in the office until 6: 00 PM to make certain an attorney is available when the workplace is wide open. Furthermore, My spouse and i provide increased payment overall flexibility to customers so that they might actually be able to find the money for quality legal representation with no taking on an insurmountable debt.

Even though like a young attorney with a developing client base I do not call and make an income which will many may attribute to attorneys after they think of all of them, I even now attempt to carry out pro bono job to help those individuals that simply cannot even pay the flexible repayment arrangements which in turn we try to establish. My own previous improve Westlaw, the best research company, has also made me invaluable for the firm. I’ve helped additional attorneys and paralegals in the firm with posing analysis queries and setting up their very own accounts to get the most in the system with all the least sum of work. I was able to increase the productivity of exploration efforts to get practically every individual within the company.

This means that the services we provide is possible at fewer cost, a saving which is often passed on to clients in order to make proper rights more accessible for all. Biblical Incorporation Christianity takes on a huge part in this firm, and it was one of the major elements which received me to seeking employment with the company. Not only does the firm unashamedly advertise it is Christian values and roots, the atmosphere in the office shows a similar strong embrace of such ideals. Personnel are free to talk about their religious viewpoints with each other, which simply further confirms the family-like environment which will permeates the firm.

Every single meeting is definitely closed with a prayer, each morning a Bible examine session exists in the convention room for all those employees looking and able to attend.

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