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1st Question: Disneyland Paris was one of Disneyland’s Global tasks. Please talk about its pros and cons, and via reading and understanding the circumstance suggest what was/were the mistake/s that Disney determined from the beginning until now.

Second Question: Gillette is a large company and has got a lot of success account globally, through your previous psychic readings and your large experience as marketing specialist specialized in Intercontinental marketing. Review between Gillette in Egypt and Gillette in Philippines. From all aspects and suggest the best mode of entry intended for Gillette in Yemen. Third Question: You are the advertising consultant of Disneyland and then you�re thinking of a new market to in one or maybe more of Arab countries.

Because an expert in International Promoting please consider the following: Next Question You are the earning a living for an Egyptian company that may be attempting to go globally with one of its products, and you are accountable for that, you’re going to be deciding exactly where and how to get. • Imagine your company provides ” buyer or professional product” • You will comply with all the needed steps to go globally from the first step that should be taken until the last decision ” modification or standardization” Fifth problem: Referring to the P&G case “Different to get Gamble”, found in the “International Marketing Example. ppt” file, answer the next questions: • Discuss the issues for your initial failure to get P&G in Japan. • Where did P&G go wrong (if this did) in the evaluation of the Indian industry and its technique? • Discuss the reasons for the differences in the performance of P&G in India and China.

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