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Excerpt from Article:

Depressive disorder for Small Mothers Having a Disabled Child

One of the most prevalent psychiatric health problems that have turn into prevalent in the recent past across the world can be depression, which is the second many incapacitating state among emotional and physical disorders. The prevalence with this disorder and its severe affects on people has contributed to numerous research that have dedicated to different problems regarding the state. An example of research that has been accomplished on this issue is a study on levels of depression among mothers with children with disabilities by Seyed Hadi Motamedi, Reza Seyednour, Morteza Noorikhajavi, and Susan Afghah. This research was not only carried out to measure the depression levels amongst mothers with disabled kids but was also geared towards look at the need to support these parents and improve treatment for their children. The study found that depression levels for this populace is equal to 3-5 of the worldwide range and reported the elevated need to support these moms in order to increase treatment of their children ((Motamedi ou. al., 2007, p. 3).


The report with regards to this analyze is well crafted since the creators are exact in their talks, have avoided using jargon, and have shown their results in an structured manner. The report has a clear title that is comparatively accurate and unambiguous as the abstract provides a clear introduction to the research through inclusion with the study objectives, methodology, benefits, and a conclusion. The phenomenon to be examined is plainly indicated since the researchers include provided history regarding the theme before reducing down their particular discussion for their area of interest in the research process.

However , the researchers did not conduct a literature assessment that included philosophical underpinnings of the research despite utilizing a cross-sectional or perhaps analytical analysis methodology. The findings of the study could have been enhanced if the authors included a materials review for the topic and incorporated a great analysis of current books on this subject matter. As a result, all their study does not include and describe the philosophical underpinnings with the topic issue. This implies that the study in depression amounts among mothers with handicapped children by this group of researchers is certainly not robust. The identification and explanation of philosophical underpinnings relating to the matter under assessment are crucial elements towards boosting the robustness of a examine and help in enhancing the accuracy of research conclusions.

The test size and sample

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