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A monologue from the enjoy by Blue jean Racine

NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Dramatic Performs of Blue jean Racine. Trans. Robert Bruce Boswell. London: George Bell and Sons, 1911.

CLYTEMNESTRA: Suit offspring of the fatal share!

Thine is a blood of Atreus and Thyestes:

Thy daughters murderer, there but remains

One particular horror even more, to serve her as a feast

Prior to her mom. Savage, this can be then

The gladsome sacrifice thou was preparing

With artful proper care! Did not thy hand reject

The infamy of composing a command

So vicious! Why dost thou pretend to think

A false relax? Think not that holes can prove

A love that shrinks by bold security in hands.

Why has not blood been shed on her in ruisseau?

What damage and ruin till of thy amount of resistance?

What field of corpses coverd finalizes my mouth area?

Proofs such as these I would have had thee provide me

Of thine affection and prefer to save her.

A fatal oracle ordains her death!

But what a great oracle may seem to say

Not necessarily is it is meaning. Can easily just Heavn

Thirst for the blood of innocence, or be

Honourd by homicide? If pertaining to Helens offense

Her family member are punishd, for her daughter send

To Sparta. Thus let Menelaus ransom

The wife whose frailty in his eyes seems small

Matchd with her charms. Although surely it truly is madness

To generate thyself the victim of her desprovisto.

And so why should I, smiting upon my personal breast

With my own drag and bloodstream pay for her folly?

Truly does Helen after that, for to whom such jealous fires

Had been kindled, problem of Europe and of Asia

Seem worth thine work to get back her?

How often have we all blushd to speak her identity!

Ere, to his woe, thy sibling linkd his fate

With hers, she had been transported off by simply Theseus

Who have, as thou knowest and hast been told by Calchas

1000 times, clandestinely unloosed

Her virgin sector, and, give your word of that chérubin

A princess of her blood have been by her

Kept in concealment. Nevertheless a friends honour

Is definitely the least cause of thy solicitude:

That lust of empire nothing can extinguish

The pride of seeing 20 or so monarchs provide

And dread thee, empire to thine hands confided

These are the gods whom claim this sacrifice

From thee, whom far from giving resistance

Dost make a barbarous value of submitting.

Jealous of powr that could excite their particular envy

Thou dost not really grudge to pay great price

Via thine own veins, that so thou mayest quell

All competitors to thy sovereign swing.

Is this to be a father? Furious nature

Revolts at this perfidious cruelty.

A priest, between a challenging crowd

Will on my child lay hands of assault

Rend her bared bosom, and with curious eye

For omens search her palpitating cardiovascular!

While I, whom brought her hither proud and cheerful

Must requirements go back exclusively and in hopelessness!

Still will the ways end up being scented while using flowrs

That neath her feet were scatterd even as came!

That shall not become that with her doom My spouse and i brought her

Or thou wilt need to add my personal death to hers.

Ay, thou shalt never rip her by these forearms

While a lot more mine: no fears can shake my purpose.

Questionable alike because husband and since father

Come, if thou darest, snatch her from the breast

That nursed her!

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