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Discreetly, between the web pages of memoir and of literary and politics criticism, this book deals with the uncertain and uneasy solipsism of the world.

How the totalitarian, theocratic regime seeks to impose it is will around the women of Tehran is undoubtedly horrific. Young ladies are forbidden to have any sort of color in their attire or perhaps about their person, as if an individual the very living of color would concern the monochromatic existence from the regime. All must have on dark-colored dresses related to the chador, and similarly darker veils that has to cover just about every strand of hair; they need to not put on lipstick or fingernail enhance, or even lilac socks. This robe makes women almost indistinguishable, a predicament heightened by Islamic forbidance against looking directly in unrelated girls; Nafisi imagines that it makes her invisible, “I pretended that when I wore the robe, my personal whole body faded. ” (Nafisi, 167) in wearing the robe and assuming this kind of costume, the women become changed into actors within their own lives. “These women… had equally a real background a created one… The regime’s meaning of them since Muslim girls. ” (Nafisi, 27-28) Throughout the book Nafisi speaks from the way that being thus obscured appears to steal aside the very lifestyle of women whom “do almost exist, mainly because they leave no search for… ” (Nafisi, 19) Girls that defy the device are jailed, tortured, and even killed.

The way the system seeks to ignore the women’s real lives and force all of them into one more, subservient, position is in contrast metaphorically by Nafisi and her class to the plight of Nabokov’s character Lolita. Just as They would. H. says of Lolita, “I just don’t know some thing about my personal darling’s head, ” (in Nafisi, 49) and yet imagines her being innumerable points (including his darling! ), so the plan imagines their women and enforces that picture on them. However it does not do so unaided, “The worst criminal offenses committed simply by totalitarian mindsets is that they power their… victims… To become complicit in their offences. Dancing together with your jailer… inches (Nafisi, 76) Women are forced, in order to make it through, to partake in the very system that keeps them enslaved. 1 notices that Nafisi himself, when required to stay home, chooses to have kids… one of who she will sooner or later dress in a veil to attend school. Each of the women voluntarily veil themselves, and try to follow the regulations -at least publicly. Yet this is not to state that they usually do not resist to some extent. Their amount of resistance takes place within a room in Nafisi’s house.

This resistance is not political or military, or maybe physical. They resist purely within their individual minds, by creating an imaginary, fictional world in which there are shades and interests which are forbidden outside. One particular female artists speaks of her fresh abstract style of painting by saying, “Reality has become therefore intolerable, the lady said, so bleak, that all I can paint now are definitely the colors of my dreams” (Nafisi, 11) the idea of art work or imagining dreams instead of reality, as a way of transforming reality, is definitely consistent. “He [Nabokov] maintained writing his solitary prose while he heard the guns… I want to see… [if] faith is going to reward us reward

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