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Yet , he

started to introduce supernatural agents in his theories, such as the

archae of Paracelsus, which preside over bodily affairs and functions. He

believed that diseases were caused by the archae staying affected, thus cures

had been attained by simply remedying and appeasing these kinds of supernatural causes.

Van Helmont was one of the first scientists or alchemists to begin to

appreciate and educate that the person is affected by chemicals and used

chemical principles to physical problems. One of the primary things that

we may become grateful to van Helmont for is his advancement the “scientific

method, ” in which trials are cautiously documented and observed.

Rather than using cause or considered to solve a chemical issue, one employed

practical application and created a great experiment which will sometimes may well yield

unexpected results, results that were unavailable simply through the

thought process.

Van Helmont sought support for his theories in the Holy book and teachings

of the old philosophers, but when he would practical experiments he discovered

that a few results could hardly be made up by his theories. This individual did an

experiment to create gas, which in turn he assumed was in everything and could become

released by simply heating. To prove this, he warmed 62 pounds of charcoal and

discovered only 1 pound of ashes remained. The others, 61 pounds, he concluded

had become a soul or “gas sylvestre” that could not always be contained.

This individual also burned up organic matter, alcohol and fermented wine and beer, which

almost all produced “gas sylvestre. inch Van Helmont concluded that the internal

internal organs used fermentation and acidity in the digestive process.

Today we may become grateful to van Helmont for using the scientific

approach into practical application, through controlled experiments. His

findings and theories on gases as well as the digestive procedure started

testing and thinking along those lines inside the application of

treatments. He as well introduced the idea of curing inside problems by simply

treating them with chemicals, personalized according to the particular complaints

which might arise in each individual. Vehicle Helmont’s hypotheses put doing well

scientists on the right course to learning about how chemical compounds and gases work.

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