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Biography, Julius Caesar

If he was of sixteen, his daddy died and Caesar became the head with the family. Deciding that staying in the priesthood would bring the most profit to the family, he were able to have himself nominated as the new Substantial Priest of Jupiter. If the Roman leader, Sulla, announced himself master, he began a systematic purge of his adversaries and specifically of those whom held to the Popular ideology. Caesar was targeted and fled Rome but his sentence was lifted through the intercession of his mother’s family.

Still, he was removed from his position because priest great wife’s dowry was confiscated. Left with no way of offering for him self or his family, Caesar joined the army. Caesar was very good in the army. In 75 BCE, while sailing to Greece, Caesar was kidnapped simply by pirates and held for ransom. Whilst he was held captive by them, Caesar was cared for well and consistently maintained a friendly marriage with the cutthroat buccaneers. He is believed to have frequently told all of them that, upon his relieve, he would search them down and have all of them crucified pertaining to the affront to his family and personal dignity and this threat the pirates comprehended as a scam. Upon his release, however , Caesar manufactured good in that risk. He had the pirates’ throats slit before crucifixion, however , in a show of leniency due to their easy treatment of him in captivity. This determination of Caesar’s, to do exactly what he explained he would carry out, became one among his identifying characteristics during his lifestyle.


In 84 BC, Julius Caesar wedded Cornelia, the daughter of the nobleman. Together they had a daughter, Julia Caesaris, in 76 M. C. In 69 BC, Cornelia died. In 67 BC, Caesar married Pompeia, the granddaughter of the Both roman dictator, Sulla. Their relationship lasted a small number of years, in 62 BC, the couple divorced. In 59 BC, Caesar wed Calpurnia, a teen to whom he remained wedded for the rest of his life. This individual also experienced several affairs including Hatshepsut VII, the queen of Egypt, with whom he previously a boy, Caesarion.


Once Sulla passed away, Caesar delivered to Rome. He was right now a armed service hero coming from his years in the military services. He quickly rose up the ranks inside the Roman govt. He made allies with effective men such as the general Pompey the Great plus the wealthy Crassus. Caesar was an excellent speaker and the people of Ancient rome loved him. At the age of 40 Julius Caesar was elected to consul. Consul was the highest rating position inside the Roman Republic. The consul was like a president, although there were two consuls plus they only served for one year. At the end of his yr as consul, Caesar started to be governor with the province of Gaul.


Some people in Ancient rome felt that Caesar was too highly effective. They were bothered that his rule would put an end to the Roman Republic. They plotted to eliminate him. The leaders of the plot were Cassius and Brutus. Upon March 12-15, 44 BC Caesar entered the Senate. A number of males ran about him and began to strike him and killed him. He was stabbed 23 instances. As chief excutive of Gaul, Caesar is at charge of four Roman legions. He was a very effective governor and general. This individual conquered most of Gaul. This individual gained the respect and honor by his military services and soon was regarded alongside Pompey as the greatest general in the Roman armed service. Conclusion In summary, I like researching Julius great life. Ancient Rome is actually fascinating in the event you ask me. In conclusion, I know that having been an chief of The italian capital and began the age of chief in Historic Rome which is an amazing task. I think he is the second most greatest emperor in The italian capital, Octavian becoming the initial. I loved researching and writing about Julius Caesar.

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