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Excerpt from Term Paper:

“After Sept 2001 law enforcement officials agencies recognized the potential devastation and chaos an action of terrorism can cause. The Council was created to improve the capacity of the Law enforcement officials Department to respond to a circumstance and teach the Division and the community. ” (Richmond Police Office, 2004)

Law enforcement officials departments had to become terrorist experts. The Homeland Secureness Terrorism Admonitory Council by way of example is a collaboration of sworn officers and civilian personnel with varied backgrounds. Many of these members happen to be or were leading people of specially trained products or have intensive training in SWAT, bomb technology, military invasion, hazmat crime analysis, intercontinental terrorism intelligence, strategic planning and many other legal units such as basic attorneys. Through technology and encounter, the Homeland Security Terrorism Advisory Council should be able to recognize, acquire, strategy, and advise on terroristic turmoil. With this knowledge base the unit will be able to therefore assume, prevent, and effectively react to any terrorist situation.

Long term

The future of policing will continue to be a collaborative efforts between police and the neighborhoods the aim to protect. “In 1986, the Legal professional General’s Convention on Less-Than-Lethal Weapons characterized the law adjustment officer’s most usual tools – the nightstick and the gun – since inappropriate in many cases, especially in hostage and retenue situations, which will require products that can stop a dangerous subject matter without risking innocent hostages or bystanders. Clearly, legal justice professionals need fresh approaches to acquiring, subduing, and detaining topics. ” (Boyd, 1995) Various police department will eventually adopt approaches to incorporate the city more inside the mix. “Technology permits things such as mobile community police assistance centers which can be specially equipped recreational vehicles that representatives use to deliver assistance in high-crime areas. ” (Dempsey et ing., 1997) These types of technologies will certainly in the future enable officers to remain in a poor neighborhood 24 hours a day and therefore helping prevent chaotic crime lessen or stop drug trafficking and participate in neighborhood observe groups which can be beneficial to make ties with community members.

The future of police will continue to be improved by fresh non-or fewer lethal kinds of technology. “Developing less-than-lethal technology represents a high priority pertaining to law enforcement. In a 1985 landmark decision, the Supreme Courtroom ruled that deadly pressure is unjustified against an escaping, nonviolent felon and called for legislation enforcement community to develop ideal equipment to apprehend suspects safely. inches (Boyd, 1995) Technological innovations considered non-lethal include: Gross Foam, Strobe-and-Goggle Technology, Remote-Control Barrier Pieces, Backseat Coussin autogonflant, Fleeing Motor vehicle Tagging System, Smart Weapons and Clever Cars to name a few. These solutions will not remove crime. They are going to however produce law enforcement organizations more competent of controlling the inevitable.

Bottom line

In conclusion, this report was executed to show just how law enforcement have been both favorably and at instances adversely impacted by technology. The charge to battle crime can be high. Significant urban or well financed communities often do not have the required funds required to purchase the most recent cars or perhaps the most effective products. Thus, it might only be presumed that small departments are actually more underneath funded and under manned. They lose out on technological discoveries as law enforcement officials advances technologically. Both big and small law enforcement departments will continue to be forced into employing newer methods and technology to deal with crime. With those stresses come the demands of upgrading equipment it also creates a requirement for better educated and properly trained human resource aspects.


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