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1 . I would like my family being proud of myself. 2 . I would like to earn my own degree in Network Management.

3. I need my kids to be encouraged to stay in institution and not leave. The reason I select the three I did was mainly because I have often felt like I really could never perform right in my family’s publication. I am an unwed mother of 5 children and i also have been ridiculed for that. I’ve always failed where my family is concerned.

I figure going to school and making myself better could help to correct that. I choose my level in Network Management because I love computers and I i am very very good with all of them. I have a computer system that I made from the ground up and that is what also helped me decide this kind of degree.

In terms of my children, I do not need them to leave school for a young age like I did and the years later determine that they simply cannot get a job without a High School Diploma or degree or a GED. I want those to get their careers out of the way before they have children so that they can possess a safeguarded future and never be attempting like I possess for years. University for me is not just for me, although my children also. I would like them to realize that if I can do it, they can do it. I always explain you can be whatever you decide to take life.

Having an education takes on a major part in that I think.

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